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Drug Rehab Colorado

There are several points that a person should look at when selecting a Colorado drug treatment and alcohol rehab center for a loved one who is struggling with a drug abuse problem. The first and most important thing to inquire about is the treatment center's success rate; ask the staff about the drug rehab's overall drug recovery rate and about the rate of completion in clients who have been treated for substance abuse problems in the past. A Colorado drug and alcohol rehabilitation program can only be deemed very effective when the client's who attend the drug and alcohol rehab facility are capable of maintaining abstinence long after they have completed the program.

An additional consideration when an individual is choosing a Colorado drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation facility is what variety of treatment recovery method will best fit the client's unique situation and personal needs. Substance abuse experts will need to uncover what kind of drugs that the client has abused and how long the substance abuse problem has existed. When an individual has only been abusing drugs for a couple of weeks, a short term Colorado drug rehab and alcohol treatment program may suit them perfectly; on the other hand, if the individual has struggled long term with a persistent addiction problem, a long term drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Colorado would yield the most seccessful drug recovery results. When deciding on the length of many Colorado drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation centers, clients and their loved ones should consider the simple fact that the ideal substance abuse recovery outcomes have been reported to take place within the context of a long-term residential inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program

It is important that a Colorado drug treatment and alcohol rehab facility provides a lot of of the effective treatment components that have frequently been reported to form the foundation for the best possible long term drug recovery outcomes; these components of treatment must be effective in helping the client to do away with their drug use, avoid a potential relapse, and to support them to begin to get their lives back on the right track. Learn as much as you can about the drug treatment and alcohol rehab program that you or your loved one will be participating at; doing this will make certain that the Colorado drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation center will be capable of effectively addressing every aspect of the drug addiction issue. It is important to add, that although many Colorado drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers are varied in their method to drug recovery, most of them will offer equivalent treatment components, beginning with the detoxification and withdrawal process.

It is also important to make sure that a Colorado drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation program offers some level of individual or peer group guidance and counseling sessions, because often times the individual with the substance abuse problem will be saddled with an enormous amount of guilt and shame; thus, in group sessions with fellow addicts, they can spend time reflecting on some of the behaviors that might have brought about these adverse feelings. Counseling can help the client in recovery to finally get to the underlying core of their addiction, and enable them to determine the reasons why they began using drugs in the first place. A quality Colorado drug and alcohol treatment center should provide a substantial amount of relapse prevention and education, which can help a person to be ready to retain long term abstinence.

A Colorado drug and alcohol rehabilitation center should follow up with a client long after they have finished treatment and returned home; this is typically achieved by having a quality aftercare program securely in place, which will provide the client easy access to professional support, long after they have graduated from the Colorado drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Selecting the location of the Colorado drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is something the a person that is in treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction will also have to to consider; although a lot of people that are going to treatment will basically want to select the center that is closest to their home, this will not usually be the ideal location to select. Making sure that a Colorado drug treatment and alcohol rehab program is located in a safe and secure place is essential, and it is equally important for loved ones to be sure that the drug and alcohol treatment facility is located in an area that the family would feel safe while visiting their loved one.

The staff at a Colorado drug rehab and alcohol treatment facility should not only be highly educated in regard to how to successfully treat a person with a drug addiction, but to be really effective, they should have some level of real-life knowledge. The most helpful addiction counselors are typically former addicts that have been trained to be certified treatment specialists; these types of individuals often possess a deeper passion for this sort of work, and can also empathize with the person in recovery, in a way that transcends high levels of training.

Last, but certainly not least to be considered is the total cost of the Colorado drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Although cost may need to be factored into this very important decision, families should not allow the cost of a Colorado drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility to be the determining factor. Loved ones should also be sure to consider that when a person continues in their addiction, it could ultimately end up costing them their life.

The only other thing that should be considered when loved ones have done everything that they can to encourage an addict to attend a Colorado drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation facility, and the addict is still refusing this life saving treatment, is hiring a professional interventionist. During a professionally hosted intervention, a group of people who care about the addict unite with an intervention specialist in an effort to encourage a person towards accepting the help that they so desperately need. Much of the time, the addict is acutely aware that they have a significant problem that is too huge to overcome on their own; an intervention just brings this awareness out into the open, with the hopes that the person's thin wall of denial will ultimately be fully broken down. It is at this stage, that the person will agree to attend the Colorado drug rehab and alcohol treatment program that their family has taken such care to pick out for them.

  • Facts
  • According to the latest data that was reported by the state of Colorado to Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) for the state of Colorado, 14.1% of the admissions to drug treatment programs during 2010 for cocaine addiction were reported to be 21-25 years old.
  • During 2009, the Colorado Methamphetamine Action plan committee made great strides in keeping their focus directed on methamphetamine abuse; the committee specifically addressed the specific needs of prisoners, women, and Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gay, and Transgender individuals, which have been reported to be groups that are greatly affected by methamphetamine abuse.
  • According to data from the 2007-08 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) for the state of Colorado, over 1% of the young people who were 12 and 13 years old, reported the recreational use of prescription drugs.