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Crack Effects

For individuals who have used, or use crack cocaine, there are both short and long term crack effects which they must be concerned about. These effects, whether short or long term, are detrimental to the user's physical health, their mental and emotional well being, and the fact that the use of this type of drug is going to really affect family, friends, and individuals who love the user. The long term crack effects can be more severe, and do far more harm to the body, especially if an individual who uses (or has used the drug in the past) the drug, has been using it for an extended period of time, or for several years of time.

Short term crack effects -
Some of the crack effects will be felt and experienced by the individual the first instance it comes in to contact with the body, and as soon as the drug enters the body. Some of the main short term crack effects which are going to be noticed almost instantaneously include: short bursts of energy followed by a downfall or lack of motivation, some will experience decreased appetite due to the crack effects, some will have increased body temperature as an issue (can be extremely dangerous if the temperature gets to a certain number), mental and physical anxiety are also issues, and in certain cases, the blood vessels will become constricted, and an increase in the user's heart rate might be noticed upon the first use of the drug. Many who experience that euphoric and elated feeling when they use crack will find that this will fade very quickly, and the crack effects will quickly kick in, making for an uncomfortable feeling. For those who continue their use of the drug, these crack effects from the short term, are going to get worse, and new, long term effects are also going to start affecting the body.

Long term crack effects -
There are also long term crack effects one should be aware of, whether they are currently using, have used in the past, or may be considering using crack cocaine for recreational purposes, or to help them escape the everyday realities of their life. The long term crack effects tend to be far worse to deal with, and they are more dangerous than short term crack effects, and in many instances, if not taken care of right away, they can prove to be deadly to certain users of the drug. Some of the most common long term crack effects include:
- feeling restlessness and lack of ambition or drive;
- constant mood changes for no particular reason at all;
- some will become irritable with the smallest things;
- users will experience extreme auditory hallucinations (some individuals may experience visual hallucinations as well);
- extreme paranoia will generally kick in; and,
- addiction is likely to become an issue if use continues for a period of time.
Many who continue using crack will begin experiencing cravings, and will feel as if they cannot live without the drug in their life, due to the addiction they have built up, which is generally the most dangerous of the long term crack effects. Due to the fact that the body has developed a higher tolerance for the use of the drug, the addiction makes users feel a need, rather than a desire for the drug. Due to addiction, some of the worst crack effects include potential for cardiac arrest or possibly having a seizure, which will in turn lead to respiratory arrest, in many cases death.

Treatment for crack effects -
For those who are or were long term users, you will find there are many treatment facilities to turn to, in order to get past these crack effects, and to help you get past the addiction you are dealing with, in order to get back to living a healthy life, and a drug free life. In many cases, one of the only solutions to your drug addiction, and to ridding your body of the crack effects it is dealing with, is to turn to an inpatient center to help in treating the addiction. There are many facilities you can go to, which will help you get past the withdrawal stages, get past the early stages which are toughest, and will help individuals learn to live a life without the drug, after several sessions speaking to professionals, and getting the proper treatment from those who are able to keep you away from the drugs.

One of the first steps to getting through the treatment for crack effects is to go through a detox process. This is likely to be the worst possible experience, due to the fact that you are completely removing the drug from your system, therefore, being in a facility where there are trained doctors and nurses, who can help you get past the pain and can properly monitor you while you are in the facility, is of utmost importance for those who are going through the detox portion. Following the detox, there are different choices as to the treatments one can choose from the crack effects they experienced, whether it is speaking to psychologists and experts, or remaining in an inpatient center for a period of time, in order to get away from the drugs, and the negative influences in their life for a period of time.

No matter what treatment options one turns to for their crack effects which they were experiencing due to use of the drug, finding the one that will work best for you, and considering all treatment options is something that has to be done by users, if they hope to get past the toughest time early on. Not only will treatment centers help patients get through the early stages, but they also have medical professionals on hand, 24/7 in order to ensure that all patients do not have any episodes, and if anything is of concern in a patient, the doctors and nurses at the facility can quickly get to them and treat them.