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Relapse Prevention

If you have an individual in your life that has overcome a drug, alcohol, or prescription medication abuse problem, or if you yourself have undergone treatment and gotten past any of these issues in your life, making sure you have a great support system, and a relapse prevention plan in place, are some things to consider as a past addict. Due to the fact that you relied so heavily on these drugs or alcohol in the past, if something in your life gets extremely tough, or if you feel pressure from day to day life, get in an argument with a spouse, or just have a hard time getting past something challenging, by having a relapse prevention plan in place, this plan will keep you in line, and will ensure you do not go back to drugs or alcohol, when these tough and trying times do turn up from time to time. As we cannot control the things that happen in our lives, for those who are past addicts, you may find yourself in a compromising position from time to time, where you are faced with the drugs, or with the alcohol which you were addicted to in the past; but, after having undergone treatment, and by setting up a relapse prevention plan, you will find it much easier to turn away from these things, and avoid them in your future, if they ever do present themselves in to your life.

Having a support system -
Along with having a relapse prevention plan in place, those who have undergone treatment for addiction in the past must also have a support system. From family and friends who love you, and want you to stay away from those things, and also having a support group, whether it is a team that you worked with when undergoing treatment, or others who were in the treatment center you were in while receiving treatment; by having a strong support team in place, as well as a great relapse prevention plan, not only will you find it easier to avoid the situations which you will want to turn back to your past addiction, but you will also have people to talk to, and people in place who can help you from going back to those things, when you do, or if you do feel the urge to go back to the drugs or alcohol from time to time. The more positive and the larger your support system is, the better this will bode in your favor to stay away from those drugs, alcohol, and the things which drew you down in the past.

Knowing how to set up your relapse prevention plan -
When receiving treatment for an addiction, making sure you speak to counselors, doctors, and nurses who are treating you about setting up a relapse prevention plan, so that you do not turn back to drugs or alcohol in the future, is something to consider. By keeping in mind that these things are always going to be out there, and easily accessible if you really want to take them, if you discuss these possibilities, and set up a relapse prevention plan to stay away from them when they do present themselves, or if you are ever tempted, you will find it much easier to turn away from the drugs or alcohol which you were formerly addicted to. Setting a relapse prevention plan, and realizing that these things are not going to go away just because you used to be addicted to them is something any great treatment facility will do with their patients. Whether the relapse prevention plan involves calling someone to talk to, leaving the area, calling a family member or someone from your treatment facility to talk you out of the poor choice, or any other points you set in your plan, should all be outlined by patients so that they will know how to deal with a certain situation, or a trying time when they might be face to face with the drugs or alcohol which they were formerly addicted to prior to getting treated for that addiction.

Considering all relapse prevention options -
Although you have your relapse prevention plan set up, this does not mean you can get out of every situation easily. So, when you are really in a trying position, and when you are being pressured to use drugs, alcohol, or if you were formerly addicted to pain killers and suffer a debilitating injury again down the road, making sure you know everything that can be done, and has to be done in order to ensure you properly avoid the relapse, and turning back to those pills, must be set forth and must be in the list of relapse prevention options that are available to you when you are tempted. From contacting someone who will talk you out of doing something you may regret, or doing something to change the situation where you find it difficult to avoid the drugs or medication, are all factors to consider for those who have undergone treatment. Due to the fact that you were addicted in the past, it is possible that with just one relapse or set back, you get back in to that addiction; therefore, knowing all of the relapse prevention options that are out there, and discussing them with your support system and those you love, are things former addicts should do.

By constantly seeking out relapse prevention methods and options, you will find it much simpler to avoid a relapse and to avoid slipping up after you have finished your treatment. Therefore, as a former addict, the first thing you must do is admit you had a problem, and know that these things you were addicted to are still going to be out there, and might tempt you from time to time. But, rather than turning to them, knowing all options and having a relapse prevention plan in place will help you avoid those trying times, and will keep you away from falling back in to poor habits from your past.