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Psychedelics Take Users On a Trip That Few Ever Return From

There are absolutely all types of drugs in the world that provide virtually every form of drug induced effect, or "High" known to man. There are those that create euphoria. Those that create sedation or a drunk feeling. Drugs that cause the user to become so sped up that it takes days for them to slow down or sleep. Some drugs simply turn the user into nothing more than a lump on a sofa, and some that create a hysterical moment of laughter out of even the most serious of matters. Then, there are psychedelics.

Perhaps no drug within the history of mankind has ever created any type of effect as that of psychedelics. Since the 1950's, some form of psychedelic or another has been taking users on a magical, mystical, mind bending ride that few have never returned from. Psychedelics come in many forms and can be used in a variety of ways.

From the days of Timothy Leary and is LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) taking band of merry men, that set out upon the nation with an intent on creating an enormous amount of followers with an idea to simply "Tune in, turn on and drop out", to the now many young individuals of the world that are smoking salvia, or huffing paint, psychedelics have indeed taken its users to an entirely new and alternate level of the conscious mind.

The entire idea of taking any substance that generates a degree of mind altering effects that psychedelics are known to create, is as scary and as dangerous as anything anyone could ever have dreamed. The users report seeing things such as walls move, animals that do not exist and items appear or disappear before their eyes. So exactly what is it about psychedelics that cause its users to enjoy it so much?

For years, psychedelics have been used by certain Indian tribes to help them better communicate with the spirit world. They use a certain cactus bud called the "Peyote Bud" that generates the same visual and mental mind bending side effects found in other forms of psychedelics. The Peyote has a history that goes back long before the discovery of America.

Peyote is said to cause it's users to become entangled in a mental trance that connects them with spirits that cannot be seen without it. It is this type of spiritual discovery that is the reasoning behind the peyote's sacred use. Within the tribes, and other religious entities that use psychedelic drugs to "become one with their creator", Peyote is not only a natural part of life but its use is encouraged by the elders.

There are several other types of psychedelics that create this type of high. Natural, organic psychedelics, such as Magical Mushrooms, can be found growing on the top of cow dung. They are normal looking mushrooms. Yet when boiled in water, and made into a tea, these mushrooms produce a psychedelic high that alters the cognition and perception of the user.

Throughout the career of the musical band "The Grateful Dead", thousands of people would show up at their concerts for the purpose of taking psychedelic drugs. LSD, Mescaline, shrooms and peyote would be passed around and taken with the idea of having a spiritual moment between the audience and the band.

However, the use of these type drugs have become a serious problem within our society's youth. In virtually any University in where college kids are found, so is the widespread use of psychedelics. The young men and women that are taking these types of mind altering drugs today, have no idea of the mental effects it will have on them later in life.

There are so many individuals that used this drug in the 60's, that today report seeing purple rings around street lamps, vehicle headlights and even television sets. Still others have been so mentally damaged by the horrific effects of psychedelics, that their vocabulary and speech has become so impaired they are barely understandable to those they are trying to communicate with.

The effects of psychedelic use have also impaired the motor skills of many of the long term users. Simply picking up a common drinking cup can be as difficult as trying to lift an object that isn't there. Some can barely walk a straight line, while others have trouble walking at all.

Users of LSD from decades ago, have now began losing their hair and having difficulty seeing clearly. The chemicals that they exposed themselves to then are now having knee buckling effects on them now. The symptoms of this type mental torment and physical disability cannot be reversed. The damage has been done.

There are still those out there that are new to the world of psychedelics, or have only just begun to use them. For those individuals, it is not too late to seek help and quit this madness before it is too late. There are so many treatment programs out there that treat these types of drug addictions and drug abuse that to not get help would be a critical mistake.

Drug use, drug abuse, and drug addiction is for most, not truly the underlining problem at hand. Usually there is another, deeper reasoning behind drug abuse. That is what treatment programs try to isolate, identify and work to correct. In order for someone to heal from addiction, such as that of psychedelics, the individual first must encounter, engage and overcome the other issues in their lives before the addiction can be attacked.

Once an individual finds and corrects his/her inner turmoil, then the addiction has a "why?", behind it. Treatment programs help clarify the reasoning behind the individual and their addiction to the drug. The problem can be easily identified, or it could take several months or even years before treatment can become effective.

However, the problem facing most anyone seeking help, or those that simply do not want help, is Denial. They tell themselves their addiction isn't as bad as everyone thinks. They may even claim that the use of psychedelics is not an addiction at all. These are the hardest people to try and treat sometimes because they do not wish to be treated. Anyone that cares for them should find a creative way to get them into treatment.