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Oxycontin Withdrawal

An oxycontin withdrawal can encompass a wide range of symptoms depending on the person, and these are generally going to occur after a dramatic increase, or completely quitting, after a long period of using oxycontin. The withdrawal symptoms are going to be fairly similar as with other opiate based drugs, which might include heroin, methadone or codeine. Depending on the reliance the body has built up to the oxycontin, the oxycontin withdrawal symptoms are going to vary from user to user, and will also vary depending on how quickly the cut back use when they are trying to quit.

Causes of oxycontin withdrawal -
Due to the fact that this is an opiate based drug, severe addiction and physical addiction or a dependence on the drug is something that is fairly common amongst users. Especially if the drug is taken over a longer period of time, and for extended use periods, users are going to find that the body will build up a tolerance to it, in turn, they are going to need greater amounts of the drug over time, in order for them to feel as if they are able to survive. For those who have developed an addiction and dependence on the drug, when you try to stop completely or cut back in drastic amounts, the body will need a period of time to adjust to the feeling, and oxycontin withdrawal and feelings are going to kick in to effect. The symptoms will vary from person to person, and the duration of the oxycontin withdrawal symptoms are also going to vary depending on many external factors, including whether or not other drugs were involved, if the user was a habitual or occasional user, and whether they had any other developed addictions which were known when they started using the drug.

Pretty much any user of the drug might experience any of the many oxycontin withdrawal symptoms that can develop. The symptoms will last for a period of time after cutting the drug from the normal daily routine, and can last anywhere from a few days, to a week or two, and in some cases, depending on how severe the addiction was, the symptoms might last for a month or longer. The symptoms, how severe they are, and which ones are going to be experienced during the oxycontin withdrawal period are going to vary for each user, and can happen all at once after quitting or cutting back, or they might be extended over a period of the weeks which the symptoms last for. Therefore, keeping this in mind, and knowing that it can take varying amounts of time to get past the oxycontin withdrawal symptoms, is something one should be aware of when they are planning on quitting.

Some of the oxycontin withdrawal symptoms -
The symptoms are going to range for each individual, as will the severity, how long they last, and which ones will actually occur in each individual who used to use the drug. But, there are certain oxycontin withdrawal symptoms which are fairly common in ex- users, and therefore knowing what they are, and knowing that they will tend to kick in anywhere from 6 to 30 hours after the last use of the drug, is something that will allow you to somewhat prepare for what you are going to be experiencing when they do begin. The early symptoms which one can expect to experience include: agitation, anxiety or panic attacks, muscle aches and spasms, increased tears (or other bodily fluids), insomnia, potential for running nose, and sweating. These will tend to kick in right away, and can last for a few hours, to a period of a few days, even up to a week in some cases.

Some of the longer and later oxycontin withdrawal which will kick in after withdrawal include: cramping in the abdominal area, diarrhea, possible dilation of the pupils, goose bumps (due to the chills), and potential nausea or vomiting are also likely to occur with certain users after the first few days. These may vary for each individual, some people will feel all of them, others will experience a few of them, and others may experience only one or two to none of the symptoms. But, knowing what they are, and being aware that these oxycontin withdrawal symptoms will begin fairly soon, will help alleviate any stress or tension due to the fact that you know these feelings are normal.

Dangers of oxycontin withdrawal -
Although the early stages are going to be extremely uncomfortable, and many may find them unbearable, they are in no way life threatening, and in fact are a good sign. When the ex- user begins to experience these symptoms, they will know that the body is properly coping with the elimination of the drugs, and is properly dealing with the issues which are in front of it. There are certain dangers which might occur, but are very rare.

One danger is aspiration which might occur if vomiting and breathing continues in to the lungs, which may cause choking or some type of infections. Dehydration is also something that might occur from vomiting or if diarrhea is continual for more than a few days; in certain cases, some individuals may also experience chemical imbalance or disturbances in the body. One of the biggest dangers lies ahead for those who quit, and decide to go back to the drug down the road. Due to the oxycontin withdrawal, the body will also have reduced the tolerance that it had built up; meaning that even with the smallest doses, an user might overdose. So, for those who fear they might go back on the drug, making sure you have a support system to keep you away from it, is something very important, in order to avoid the potential of an overdose down the line.

Knowing these facts, and being mindful of the oxycontin withdrawal symptoms, will help you get through the tough time, and will ensure you get through the difficult time, when your body is kicking the drugs out of the system, and trying to normalize it back to the pre-drug use state.