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Heroin Effects

For heroin users, learning about the heroin effects (both long and short term), as well as the potential damage they will cause to your body, are some things which should be considered prior to beginning use. Due to the fact that it is an extremely addictive drug, if you do begin, many will find that the short term heroin effects are going to begin almost immediately upon use, and that if they do attempt to quit, it is going to be a difficult proposition, due to the addictive nature of the drug, and the desire which accompanies that need for it. As with any other illegal drug, the heroin effects which one will experience, both long and short term can come in a variety of forms. The effects will be found whether the drug is injected, smoked, or whether the user smokes it; additionally, those who do use heroin will find that the heroin effects are going to target the central nervous system immediately upon use.

Short term heroin effects -
Immediately upon ingesting or injecting (snorting or smoking) heroin, users are going to experience an euphoric feeling overtake their body; this will generally be accompanied by a warm flushing of the skin, potential feeling of dry (cotton) mouth, and the feeling that their arms and legs are extremely heavy. Immediately after this initial high and rush, users will experience changes from wakeful to drowsiness continually going through their body.

These short term heroin effects are mainly due to the fact that the drug, as with all other drugs, will give you an initial high; and, due to the fact that the drug suppresses one's central nervous system, that individual is going to have a cloudy mental function, and inability to create cohesive thoughts. Other short term heroin effects will include the slower breathing, inability to breath or take in deep breaths, and in certain individuals, this might result in reaching a point of respiratory failure in particular users of the drug, especially if they are habitual users.

Longer term heroin effects on the body -
For those who are repeat, chronic, or habitual heroin users, there are certain long term heroin effects which they are going to experience. For those who do not practice the use of sterilizing needs, or those who share equipment may contract HIV or other conditions. In certain cases, the heroin effects on the body will also include an infection of the heart's lining and valves, namely due to the fact that sterilization was not practiced, and sharing of needles led to these conditions. In certain individuals, another one of the longer term heroin effects might include liver disease or hepatitis C. Whether it is sharing needles, or sharing snorting straws, the lack of cleanliness and sterile equipment can lead to users contracting and transmitting these conditions from one individual to the other.

There is also the possibility of kidney disease, there are certain pulmonary complications (related to infections which are caused by the heroin use), and certain skin conditions or abscesses which can occur as a long term heroin effects (which are noticed with chronic injectors suffering from collapsed veins). The risk of contracting hepatitis is also a serious danger, as is HIV, and other blood born and related viruses, due to the sharing of dirty needles or snorting straws. No matter which of these conditions one contracts or passes on to a fellow user, these are the main long term heroin effects which users must be aware of, and have to consider, if they are considering the use of heroin, or have begun the use of heroin.

Overdose -
This is likely to be the most serious heroin effect on the user, due to the fact that an accidental overdose can potentially lead to death. Due to the fact that heroin is illegal, and sold as a street drug, those who are using it, never know how potent the drug is, even if they are aware of the quantity that they are buying. As this is the case, one of the most serious heroin effects on the body, might be an accidental overdose due to the fact that the user is ingesting the amount they typically use, but if they turned to a different seller, they might not be aware of how powerful the drug they have purchased really is. In turn, the heroin effects on the body are going to be far stronger than the individual anticipated, and by the time they learn that they have overdosed, it might be too late for anything or any treatment option to do anything for them.

Due to the other fillers such as sugar, poisons, starch, or other blended ingredients in heroin, the heroin effects on certain individuals are going to be far more serious, as they are not fully aware of what they are ingesting, which leads to several potential dangers they are not aware of when taking the drug. Due to the unknown strength, and the unknown ingredient blend, the most common and the worst of the heroin effects on the body, is the potential for an accidental overdose.

Other heroin effects which may have an effect on the body are of course addiction, and becoming a habitual user. Due to the extreme high that users of the drug tend to get, and the euphoric feelings they get after using heroin, the body is going to quickly and easily become addicted to the drug. As with all other recreational drugs, the heroin effects on the body will not be realized until it is too late, especially if they do become addicted, and start using the drug habitually, even if it is in smaller doses.

There are various dangerous, addiction based, and in some cases lethal heroin effects that heroin can have on users. So, the best way to prevent these heroin effects from injuring or harming you, is to assess the dangers, learn the risks, and avoid the drug at all possible costs, before even beginning use.