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Xanax Overdose

For those who take too much xanax, and have a xanax overdose, you might find there are certain symptoms which are going to present themselves. There are certain side effects, and individuals who do take xanax must be aware of the potential for xanax overdose due to the fact that it makes them feel great; individuals who are on the prescription also have to know they should not be consuming alcohol or other drugs while on the medication, in order to ensure certain side effects, or conditions do not turn up while they are taking the prescription for anxiety, sleeplessness, or any other reasons their physician might have prescribed the xanax to the individuals. When taking xanax to treat the panic disorder or anxiety you feel, some individuals may easily xanax overdose, due to the fact that the medication makes them feel so calm, so at ease, and allows them to feel as if they can do anything, without potentially getting nervous in a big crowd, or having issues speaking to someone they do not know. As with all other medications, it is possible to have a xanax overdose if the individual does not pay attention to when they are taking the medication, what they are taking it for, and just casually taking it as they please, due to the "feel good" effect the medication brings.

Noticing the symptoms and signs of a xanax overdose -
For those who feel dizziness or drowsiness, difficulty breathing or breathing problems, slow reflexes, or any other similar symptoms, this might be a sign of a xanax overdose. But, with certain individuals, there are a number of factors which might contribute to the side effects you will feel if you do overdose; some of these factors are how much xanax was taken, whether it is being taken with other drugs or medication, if the individual is drinking alcohol (which they should not), or if the individual is taking any street or illegal drugs, are all factors which might contribute to the actual side effects one might experience if they believe a xanax overdose might be a possibility. But, for the most part, if xanax overdose is an issue, the symptoms are going to be fairly similar as with all other prescription drugs, but some that are more severe might include coma, extreme difficulties in breathing, and in the worst case scenario, loss of life. The life threatening xanax overdose symptoms are generally only going to be an issue when other illegal drugs might be involved, or if the xanax is taken while drinking (heavy amounts of alcohol), or while taking other medications (which your doctor did not know about).

How to avoid a xanax overdose -
As with any other drug, alcohol, or addictive substance, it is always possible for a xanax overdose to be an issue with those who are taking the medication. Due to the fact that it does help relieve anxiety, and your feelings of uneasiness, some individuals might take this as a sign to take some more. But, the only way to ensure you do not experience a xanax overdose is to take what is prescribed by your doctor, and nothing more. If possible, you may even want to ask your doctor to prescribe small doses at a time, especially if you are the type of individual who does face addiction issues, or have overdosed in the past. There is never a 100 % way of knowing you are not going to encounter a xanax overdose, but by being mindful, and by speaking to your doctor, and the pharmacist, you can be a much safe, and far more conscious individual when you are taking this prescription, which for some might be habit forming. So, by simply being mindful of the potential for a xanax overdose, and taking the precautions to avoid it, you are far less likely to overdose while you are taking xanax for a panic disorder, or for issues with anxiety.

Treating a xanax overdose -
Depending on the level of the xanax overdose, and who the individual is, there are different treatment options for a xanax overdose. In certain cases, your doctor might prescribe an antidote for overdoses, which might also help. In certain cases, where the xanax overdose was not accidental, or if the individual has had issues with overdosing or addiction in the past, supportive care, treatment facilities, and having a support system in place, are some of the options to consider for your level of addiction. Either way, for individuals who do believe xanax overdose has occurred, whether it was accidental, incidental, or due to an issue with addiction, contacting the right doctor or emergency care immediately is something that has to be done - especially for those who have taken far more than they were prescribed, or those who are drinking alcohol, on other medications, or individuals who are on illegal or street drugs. Although you may not want to admit these issues, if you do not contact the right physicians and doctors for help right away, depending on how bad the overdose was, or what other mixture of drugs or alcohol are involved, the xanax overdose might prove to be life threatening for certain individuals who have overdosed.

As with any other medication, drugs, alcohol, or habit forming narcotics, there is a possibility for xanax overdose for those who are taking the medication for certain panic disorders or for anxiety issues they deal with in their lives. So, whether the xanax overdose is accidental, or if it is done due to the fact that someone is an addict, knowing what the symptoms and signs are of overdose, and seeking out the proper help and assistance immediately upon noticing those symptoms, is something that has to be done by the individual, in order to get the right help and treatment, and to ensure there are no serious problems due to the xanax overdose which has taken place.