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Dealing With Spice Addiction

Spice addiction is one of the fastest rising forms of drug abuse today. According to what the statistics claim, one in five individuals who are addicted to drugs, will be people who are using spice. The way this drug will work is that it will reach the central nervous system of the individual and it will practically cause a series of side effects that mostly depend not what the spice ingredients were used. Even though it sounds dangerous or unhealthy, for such individuals spice is the only way they can go by another day without having to be let in on stress or whatever might be the reason they are taking it.

Reasons for spice addiction

Most of the times when it comes to people who are using spice, the reason for addiction can be either because of the fact they have a long history of drug abuse or because they have certain problems they think spice will help them forget about. But out of the two, the most common ways people will get to be addicted to the drug is because they have a history of drug use. Spice has become increasingly used by teens and in many cases they arrived at the hospital being unable to speak or not even responding to touch.

Treatment and rehabilitation

The treatment for those who are dependent on spice is very long and in many cases it will involve the friends of the addicted, his family and a professional rehab facility. The addicted will receive full attention in order to be able to get though this hard time and lose his addiction as soon as possible. When abuse is suspected, a person who is armed with the right info, will know how to find treatment or treat someone going through this.

The cause of the addiction is due to a change in the brain that leads to a continuous need of re-using the drug. Thus, everyone who has been using spice will have to go through painful withdrawal symptoms when they will try to stop taking it. When this will occur, these individuals will need medical assistance to get over their addiction. In some cases, these symptoms will be very painful and they could entail complex consequences.

Side Effects

Some of the side effects people who will take spice number hallucinations, the inability to speak, increased sweating, unexpected behaviors (like agitation, violence). In very rare cases the drug was also accounted to cause severe swelling of the brain, which in some cases will lead to death.


The first important step spice addicts will need to overcome involves getting over their physical dependency with the drug, so that they can finally achieve sobriety. That is why it's vital that the addicts will get to be admitted as soon as possible in rehab centers, where they will benefit from therapy and counseling to help them get over their addiction. They will also be assisted medically, so that the detox process will go on as planned. A twenty four hours observation is what they will live under as well, because this will help ensure safety and also reduce the comfort of withdrawal.

Treatment steps

1. The first step for those who want to treat people suffering from spice addiction is to realize the serious of the spice addiction. Even though this addiction is not as serious as the addiction over other drugs (like cocaine), it can cause great changes in the personality, demeanor and character of an individual. If the drug is abused for a long time, it can even lead to a breakdown of their bodies.

2. Phase two of the treatment involves locating a spice treatment facility. This will not only help individual with finding a place where he will lay the first steps towards recovery, but it will also remove him from the environment where he has access to the drug. Naturally, this will cause withdrawals to appear, but the addict will now be in a controlled environment and medical assistance will be offered to him immediately as he needs it.

3. After treatment has been agreed on, the behavioral therapy is the next step taken. This will only follow after the withdrawal period has ended. What the addict will be let in on in this part of his treatment is aimed at educating the individual on the dangers of the drug, the relearning of social skills and the psychological damage.

4. After this, the treatment for spice addicts will continue in the form of outpatient support groups, where his or her family and friends will help provide their emotional support. There are also therapy group meetings, in which the addict will meet up with other addicts in a controlled environment where everyone will talk in front of a certain group of people who are facing the same problems as they are, about the trouble they have during this period and how they cope with it. By being listened and by speaking to loud about their problems, they will find the strength in order to push on with their recovery and start heeding faster towards a normal life.

5. In many cases, even after the individual has gone through the support group meetings offer, he will still have the tendency of slipping back to using the drug. This is where the friends and family of the individual will come into play and their duty is to help the addict stay away from the environment that will bring him back on his old self damaging path.


There are many people who will continue on with their recovery in a residential setting, like a halfway house. This means they will participate in rehab programs like the twelve step program and similar. By doing so, they will increase their chances of never going back to using the drug and leading a normal life.

Spice is a new drug that has become increasingly used by younger people. For those who are addicted of it they should look for a rehab center as soon as possible and confess to their friends and families about the problems they are going through.