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Teens And Tobacco

With so many commercials, celebrities, and the peer pressure teens face day to day from their peers, in order to fit in, as a parent you must be concerned about teens and tobacco, and how easy it is for them to get access to tobacco nowadays. The biggest users of tobacco based products are those who are in their teens and early twenties; therefore, as a parent, making sure you know all there is to know about teens and tobacco, and all that can be done to prevent them from starting the use of tobacco based products, are things you should focus on in order to keep them away from the habit at an early age. Even with warnings, the death records, and the many scare tactics that are put out there, teens and tobacco are two things that seem to be increasing, rather than decreasing in numbers. Although there is no way to control the teen, especially once they reach the age of 18 and can legally buy these products, talking to them, looking for signs of use, and making sure they are not being influenced by the wrong crowd, are all things parents can do, in order to at least try and dissuade the use from an early age.

Talking to your teens -
Although it might seem pointless to talk to your teens, as a parent talking to them about teens and tobacco, the stats, how harmful it is to their health, and the many health risks which are out there, parents who keep pounding it in might find it actually does make a difference. Many teens will mimic their parents, and the examples they set for them. So, as a parent, making sure you yourself do not smoke, teaching your teens the health risks (from ruining their teeth, to the possibility of death from lung cancer), and just talking to them at a conversational level, you may find this might be the best solution to the teens and tobacco epidemic, and keeping your teens away from cigarettes and tobacco based products. It might even keep them away from trying other drugs if you really talk to them. Since there is so much pressure out there, and so many images and celebrity personalities showing how cool teens and tobacco really is, by teaching them otherwise from an early age, as a parent you will be surprised what really sticks with them when you do take the time to talk to them.

Knowing who they hang out with -
By knowing who your teens are friends with, keeping an eye out on who they talk to, and putting up certain restrictions (as to curfews, where they can go, etc), parents who are more involved in their kids' lives, are going to notice that the problem of teens and tobacco might not be as prevalent. By showing your teens that you care, that you are concerned and want to keep them safe, and by always asking questions, rather than just presuming you know who they are with and what they are doing, parents are doing more good than they might believe. Although your teens might get annoyed with you, and tell you to mind your own business from time to time, by being a concerned parent, by asking the questions, and by showing an interest in who their friends are, and what activities they are engaging in, teens will feel a sense of worth and love from their parents, and will not feel the need to turn to tobacco or other drugs which many teens do turn to. In most cases, the teens and tobacco issues are with those teens whose parents do not care, do not ask the questions, and are simply absent from their lives. So, rather than being absent, it is far better to annoy your teen from time to time, and know where they are and who they are with, rather than come to find they are using these products you do not want them using.

Getting your teens to engage in sports or school activities -
When teens are involved in sports, or join some type of team or club, whether it is at school or with some type of league, they are far less to be one of the many teens and tobacco cases that are out there. Those who stay fit and active, exercise on a regular basis, and are involved in sports, are more likely to stay away from cigarettes, tobacco based products, and drugs. Due to the endurance needed to engage in sports, teens and tobacco are generally not an issue for those teens who are on sports teams. Same goes with joining some type of club where they are active, and are with other like minded individuals. By being part of a group, and feeling as if they fit in to something positive, and something they enjoy doing, teens are far less likely to listen to the peer pressure, and to those who are trying to get them to smoke, do drugs, or drink. So, as a parent, trying to get your teen to engage in sports, or join a club that they really love, are also some things to consider so that you can help them stay away from the negative teens who are trying to bring them down with them.

Although there is no way to keep them from smoking or purchasing tobacco based products once they reach 18, parents who do these things, and who show an interest in their teens' lives, will find they are far less likely to turn to cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol from an early age. The more concerned you are, the more questions that are asked, and the more interest you show in your child's life, the more they are going to listen to you as a parent, the more they will respect you, and the more likely it is that they are going to take your advice, and do the things you ask them to do.