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Know More About Drug Slang

In the United States it seems that when it comes to drugs, there is a lot of sang used in order to address them. The fact is that it's almost impossible to keep up with drug slang and oftentimes, the police or other similar authorities will only have a limited list of the words used to describe the drugs. In the following paragraphs, this article will reveal some of the most widely used drug slang which will encompass drugs like hallucinogens and all the way to stimulants.

1. When it comes to cocaine, it's one of the most widely used drugs in the USA by hardcore addicts. It's known under a variety of names and some of them number white, snowbirds, snow, rocks, powder, candy, nose Lady, big C, blow, crack and coke. There is also the crack cocaine which is a more dangerous derivative of the drug. Some of the names that it's known by number rock, freebase, cookie and simply crack.

2. Methamphetamine is also a very widely used drug and in some areas of the USA, it's used in large proportions. Some of the names that people use in order to name it are speed, ice, glass, crystal methadrine, crystal meth, crystal and crank.

3. It's important to keep in mind that there are also many prescription drugs and over the counter drugs which are used illegally. For instance, people who are offering from ADHD will be prescribed amphetamines. The same medication is also prescribed for individuals who are suffering from obesity and other problems. Some of the names this drug is known on the street number upper and ups, speed, pop pills, footballs, hearts, crosses, co-pilots, bumblebees and black beauties.

4. There are many over the counter drugs which are used illegally and some of them are plegine pre-state, sandrax, voranil, didred, cylet and ritalin.

Depressants slang

1. There are also the tranquilizers which have been abused for many years now and they are the benzodiazepines. Some of the most familiar names in this regard will certainly ring a bell to anyone: librium, halcion, ativan and valium. Even though these are drugs that are legal, they can also be used illegally and on the street they will be known by the name of xanax, tranks and roofies. When it comes to using Methaqualone, the slang terms individuals will use when addressing them are sopors, quaaludes and ludes.

2. There are also extremely addictive prescription depressants out there which are part of the Barbiturates class. Some of these highly potent drugs number seconal, nembutal and phenobarbital. When people will refer them on the street, they will use the following drug slang terms: yellows, yellow devils, red devils, downers, blue devils and barbs.

3. The fact is that the individuals who will most of the times come up with drug slang are teenagers. It's only natural that if someone will want to know the latest trends when it comes to this matter, to start listening to the way they talk about these drugs between them. Most of the times they will abuse nitrate products and in some cases, the consequences are fatal. The drug slang used for them number rush, locker room, climax, bullet, bolt for Butyl Nitrate, snappers, poppers for Amyl Nitrate and whippets and laughing gas for nitrous oxide.

4. There are also many recent substances that are abused by teens and they are very much easy to obtain. Some of these substances number chloro-hydrocarbons and hydrocarbons like solvents, cleaning fluids and aerosol sprays.

Hallucinogens slang

1. Marijuana is one of the most highly used drug in the book and over the years, it has been named in hundreds of ways, as well as its cousin, the hashish which is commonly known as hash. For marijuana, some of the drug slang terms that it's addressed by number weed, urb, sinsemilla, smoke, reefer, pot, mary jane, herb, grass, ganja, dope and blunt.

2. Oral hallucinogens also have their collection of slang terms like Mescaline, Psylocybin and LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide). On the street, Lysergic acid diethylamide is known as sugar cubes, white lightening, blue heaven, acid and microdot. The slang for Mescaline includes peyote, cactus, buttons and mesc, while the terms used for Psilocybin are purple passion, magic mushrooms and shrooms.

3. Phencyclidine is also a drug that's been abused for a long time now. It's actually an amphetamine that has psychedelic properties and on the street it's known as lovely, love boat, hog, boar, angel dust and PCP.

4. There are also variants of amphetamine like DOM, DOB and MDMA and the slang terms for these number XTP, STP Essence, Ecstasy and Adam.

Narcotics slang

1. Opium and morphine have widely been used around the world and they are known to be analgesic opioids. When it comes to the drug slang terms they are known by, these are parepectolin, dover's powder, paragoric for opium, while morphine is known as pectoral syrup.

2. Heroin is as well, one of the oldest used drugs in the book and over the years it has been given many names. For those who don't know how it's called on the street, the following terms used for it will help them recognize it: brown sugar, mud, junk, black tar, big H, horse and smack.

3. There are of course other analgesic narcotics out there which are prescribed, but they are generally illegally used. Some of them number Robitussin A-C, Empirin, codeine, meperidine and fentanyl.

These are some of the names that the most highly used drugs in the world are known by, yet the fact is that people are coming up with new names every day and it's hard to ever keep an up to date tracking of the terms associated with them. But regardless of the number of new names given to them, there will always be one term that people will use most when referring to certain drugs. With that being said, people should look for specialized help if they are addicted to any of these drugs and make sure they will also get emotional help from their friends and family.