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Demerol Overdose

For those who take pain medications, you may know that Demerol is one of the most likely prescribed pain medications, not only for individuals who have chronic pain conditions, but also depending on the type of pain, many doctors will turn to this pain medication due to the stronger dose of pain relief it is able to offer, via a lower amount being taken. Due to the great feelings, the pain relief, and the euphoric feeling that Demerol is going to give to users, just as with any other drug, alcohol, or prescription medication, there is a danger for Demerol overdose, especially in individuals who have issues with other drugs, or have overdosed on other pain killers or medications in the past. Therefore, as a physician, and as a family member or friend of an individual who is on the pain medication, making sure you know how to spot the signs of Demerol overdose, and know how much has been taken by the individual on the medication to ensure Demerol overdose does not occur, are certain things you must keep an eye out for. Whether or not you are dealing with an individual who has overdosed in the past, many individuals may accidentally Demerol overdose if they do not keep track of the times, the amounts, and how frequently they are taking the Demerol. So, to avoid the potential for a Demerol overdose, knowing the signs and symptoms is something you must be aware of when taking this prescription pain killer.

The excessive Demerol overdose, or overdose of any pain medication or drug can prove to be extremely dangerous, can result in various symptoms, and for the worse cases, if not treated immediately, might even result in death. Therefore, keeping an eye on users, and making sure there is not a possibility of Demerol overdose, due to the fact that you are monitoring use, will help ensure they are not overdosing on this, or any other drug or prescription medication.

The symptoms -
There are certain symptoms to look for if you believe someone you know might have ingested too much, and may have overdosed. So, if any of these symptoms are present, it might be likely that a Demerol overdose has actually occurred.
- bluish skin color, bluish color in the nails, or in the skin;
- cold skin temperature due to the overdose;
- fainting or confusion;
- clammy feeling skin, flaccid muscles;
- slowed down heartbeats or reduction in blood pressure, or slowed down (and trouble) breathing;
- extreme sleepiness, unconsciousness, a coma, or any other similar symptoms are all signs and symptoms which come hand in hand with a Demerol overdose. Therefore, if you notice any of these symptoms in an individual who is on the medication, making sure you contact their physician, or 911 immediately, is the best way to care for them, rather than try to do anything or try any home remedies you may have read about in the event that an individual overdosed on Demerol.

If any of these symptoms are present, it may or may not be a sign of a Demerol overdose; but, if you are aware that the individual is currently on the medication, it is always a possibility that they did overdose (whether it is purposely or whether it was an accidental overdose due to the fact that they did not keep track of ingestion of the medication). So, keeping these symptoms in mind, and knowing how to spot these signs right away, are some things that might help you spot a Demerol overdose, and help get the individual who has overdosed the help they need right away.

Complications due to a Demerol overdose -
Generally, the complications which may result due to a Demerol overdose would be difficulties or slowed down breathing, the inability to think clearly (lack of oxygen to the brain), muscle spasms or pain, unexplained weakness, or any other the other symptoms which are commonly found when a Demerol overdose has taken place. Additionally, the possibility of death, especially if other pain killers, street drugs, other pain killers or medication drugs, or if alcohol were involved, is always a possibility for individuals who overdose on any drug or medication which they are taking. So, whether you are a physician, or whether you are a family member of an individual who has been prescribed Demerol for certain pain, making sure you can spot these symptoms, making sure you know when they are taking the drug and how often they are ingesting it, knowing the amount they are taking, and making sure there is no possibility for a Demerol overdose (due to constant monitoring), is something you are going to want to keep on top of - especially if the individual has ever overdosed before, has taken drugs in the past, or has a history with drugs and narcotics.

Getting help -
In the event it was an intentional Demerol overdose, just as with any other drug or alcoholic addiction, many individuals can be addicted to pain killers and medications. So, in the event you know of an addict, and an individual who has recently experienced a Demerol overdose, helping them find the right treatment centers, the right people to talk to, and any inpatient center to help them cure their addiction issues, are all things which family members are going to want to consider doing, so as to avoid a future Demerol overdose episode, or overdose of any other drugs or alcohol down the line.

Whether or not the individual who has experienced the Demerol overdose has a propensity for doing drugs, or whether it was an accidental overdose, it is an issue that has to be taken seriously. There are many dangers which can ensue from an overdose, therefore knowing how to spot the signs, and help the individual get the help they really need, is something family, friends, and physicians must be able to do, in order to ensure something serious, and in some cases death, is not going to be the end result.