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Treatment Options For Oxy Addicts

There are many people out there who are taking oxy which is an extremely powerful synthetic painkiller. Because of the effects it has on the human body, individuals can easily become addicted to it, not only physically, but also on a psychological level. Other names the drug is known by number oxycotton, hillybilly heroin, OC and oxy (which is the common term used for it).

Oxycontin is actually used by people who are going through a lot of pain and it's one of the most powerful and the most effective painkillers on the market. Because of its effects, there are many people who are using it for pleasure and not to have pains relieved, as when taking the drug, they will be let in on a fast feeling of euphoria.

In the majority of cases, people will crush the tablets so that the feeling of euphoria will be instilled immediately. The drug can thus be ingested orally, it can be snorted up the nose, injected or dissolved in water.

Steps to take for those who are suffering from oxy addiction

The use of oxy is actually an illness and in the long run, using it will affect the individual's brain. The way it works is that it will deaden the nerve endings in the brain of the individual, which can account for more severe problems, like memory loss and in some cases, dimness of vision.

Even though people who are taking oxy have attempted to stop taking it, they will not be able to do so on their own. Even though their social, mental, financial and physical consequences will worsen with each day, the individuals will never quit on taking the drug. There are many individuals who are actually considering delving into rehab centers, so that they can get their old life back and start living as a normal person.

The oxy effects: Treatment options

1. First of all it's important that those who are addicted to it, will look for help in order to be eventually enrolled in detoxification program. There are plenty of withdrawal symptoms that people who are suffering from oxy dependence will have to cope with and they number convulsions, seizures, bone pain, muscle pain, vomiting, nausea and insomnia.

It's important that these symptoms will be treated, because if they are not, they can eventually lead to death. Medical detox will provide the addict the required supervision and support when it comes to treating the symptoms. Even though not all symptoms will be treated, it's vital that the patient will be monitored twenty four hours. On an average level, it takes between 5 to 7 days in order for someone to be detoxified from oxy.

2. It's also vital that patients will confess their friends and family about the problems they are going through and their thoughts on solving them. They will not only offer them emotional support, but they will also help them with finding the right rehab center. One of these centers can be the residential rehab center, where addicts will be let in on the support and experience of medical staff which is trained to help them get back on track with their lives.

Such programs will also offer family therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, info about the nature of addiction and recovery, but also psych education. These treatments will usually span over a period of three weeks.

3. The addict will also be helped if he will look for outpatient support for individuals who are recovering from the use of narcotics. The groups of outpatient support are diverse and offer therapeutic and peer support for individuals who are in their recovery process. What these groups will focus on will be the tools required in order to maintain long term recovery. The support groups are actually places where addicts will be able to receive support and at the same time, learn about their addiction and what they can do about it in a safe and controlled environment.

Things to be careful about

It's also very well known that people who are addicted to oxy are suffering from depression as well. This because that when they will be prescribed the drug, they will also feel depressed and isolated because of the medical condition or injury that is causing the pain. Because of depression, individuals will be more susceptible to continue on with their addiction.

On top of that, these people are also exposed to being the victims of an overdose. Some of the symptoms that will characterize an overdose number fainting, a slow heart rate, confusion, drowsiness, change of pitch in voice, anxiety, respiration problems and muscle weakness. For those who will experience such symptoms, it's recommended they will get in touch with a medical professional as soon as possible.


Oxy addicts need to take a very important step if they want to make sure they will finally be able to get rid of their addiction. This step involves getting over their physical dependency with oxy, so that in the end they will achieve sobriety. The only way individuals who are addicted to oxy will be able to achieve this is if they will accept to be admitted in a rehab center.

There, they will benefit from counseling and therapy which will help them with their drug addiction. The good news is that they will be assisted medically at all times, so that the detoxification process will evolve as best as possible. The withdrawals are very painful for oxy addicts and that is why they will be monitored twenty four hours a day. Should they need any kind of help, the medical staff will be ready to assist them.