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Street Drugs

The use of street drugs are generally by those who use them for recreational purposes, and the drugs are illegal. They are not used for medicinal purposes, they generally come in various and different forms and various types of methamphetamines - and the drugs are highly addictive. In many instances, certain individuals who turn to street drugs to treat certain conditions, medicate themselves, or treat something that they have, due to the fact that they do not have insurance, or cannot get a prescription for the actual medication they need; and, due to the fact that many methamphetamines or certain street drugs do have the ability to make the user feel good, and alleviate their pain, they will try to self medicate, and treat the condition that is being dealt with on their own, when they are not able to care for it with a physician's assistance.

Using street drugs allows the user changes in behavior, and allows them disassociate with certain parts of their lives they are not wanting to deal with; so, whether it is money issues, problems with work, family issues, or any other problems, the use of these drugs give the user the ability to get away from those issues while they are using them. Most who turn to the street drugs and recreational drugs believe they are going to be able to fix the problem, and treat anything that is going wrong, when in fact they are actually making it worse, and only providing a temporary relief due to the fact that they feel good, and are not dealing with the issues that are in their lives at the present moment, but in reality, the issues will still be there once the users high or buzz wears off.

Effects of street drugs on one's body -
Depending on the use, the street drugs that are being used, the amount of use and how often it is, and several other factors, there are many different street drugs side effects one must know about, depending on the drugs, and the uses. These are some of the most common side effects, and some of the most commonly used street drugs which individuals will be facing and dealing with.
- Heroin has the immediate effect to provide the euphoric feelings one seeks of comfort, and will be followed by leaving the individual extremely drowsy. The individuals who use heroin for their street drugs can contract HIV or hepatitis C, and due to the sharing of needles might also be prone to kidney or liver disease down the road as well.
- Cocaine also has the immediate effects which makes for greater awareness, will give the user more mentally alert and aware, and followed by burst of energy. the most common effects of this drug is going to cause users to have dilated pupils, but longer term effects of these street drugs are possible seizures, the possibility for a heart attack, and in some cases respiratory failure.
- Marijuana is one of the most commonly used and purchased street drugs available to users. The most immediate feelings are those of relaxation, sometimes followed by auditory or visual hallucinations. Most users of these street drugs believe there are no side effects but there are certain long term conditions which users of the drug must be concerned and aware of. With increased daily use, the risk of infection of the lungs, possibility of cancer, and the harmful carcinogens in the drugs, can all lead to possible issues down the road.
- Meth is another commonly used street drug on the market. The immediate effects include higher levels of awareness; this can be coupled with physical as well as mental rushes of energy in the body. There are however long terms effects of the use of these street drugs including brain damage, liver damage, anxiety, and impaired memory, and in certain conditions can lead to learning disorders, as well as emotional instability in users.
- Ecstasy is another one of the more common street drugs used and purchased by recreational users. The euphoric rush, which is usually followed by hallucinations, both auditory and visual, can last for several hours after using the drugs. As it is one of the more serious and dangerous street drugs, ecstasy can easily lead to death, and can be fatal upon the first use, therefore users must be aware of this prior to taking it. There are other things which can happen, and issues which are longer term including brain or liver damage, potential memory loss, and emotional instability, or potential learning disabilities for longer term users of these street drugs.

Many individuals who are using street drugs will notice that they are going to get the instant rush and high they are going for, the good feelings when they see and hear certain hallucinations, and users will feel as if they can do anything, or accomplish any task, are some of the main reasons that users will turn to the use of street drugs. Due to the fact that they feel invincible immediately upon using the drugs, they feel as if they are on top of the world, and that nothing is going to be able to stop them due to the great feelings, the elated rush, and the fact that they will not be feeling any pain or discomfort while they are experiencing the high they are on after using the street drugs.

But, for users who are considering use, making sure you are fully aware of the many possible conditions, and the potential of death always being there, are certain things to keep in mind prior to beginning the use of any street drugs which can be purchased on the market. Although you will feel an instant rush and high, once that ends you are going to quickly crash, and feel your worse; additionally, there are serious consequences one might face if they continue using street drugs, and the potential for death is always something that is lingering over those who are using these drugs for recreational use.