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Ecstasy Effects

For those who are users, past users, or who have tried ecstasy in the past, you may know there are various ecstasy effects which can present themselves to the body. Users claim that the drug gives an intense feeling of pleasure, happiness, and elation, making it something that will bring users up, and make them want to continue on their high. The use of the drug also increases sensitivity to music or movement; it also makes users more emotional, and will speed up various physical effects of the body, and the way it functions. The full ecstasy effects are felt about one hour upon first ingesting the drug, and will begin with rushes and tingling sensations through the body. These effects build extremely quickly, and will come in waves, each one being stronger than the last wave. Some of the ecstasy effects include a lightened mood, feelings of relaxation and euphoria, physical pleasure, and a more open feeling around those around you. Muscles are also going to relax and one's perception to sound, light, and color are going to be far more intense when they are under the drug's influence.

In addition to the good feeling the drug brings, other ecstasy effects on users is the ability to open up, and makes communication much easier for them to handle (especially in those who tend to be shy around new people). Individuals who are on the drug are more open, tend to trust those around them, and are more willing to communicate with people they do not know, especially if they would not do so if they were not under the influence of these drugs. The peak is going to come some three to six hours after first ingesting the drug. There are however certain users who do not have as good an experience. Certain users have complained of jaw clenching or clamping, nausea, stiffness in the arms and legs, excessive thirst, and the inability to sleep (insomnia) after first use. Therefore, the good feelings and ecstasy effects may not be as common in all users, and in fact certain individuals claim that it is a very terrible experience that they experience upon trying ecstasy for the first time.

Coming down from the ecstasy effects -
There are certain ecstasy effects users will feel, one of them being the sensation that you are physically and emotionally drained. After the stimulation wears down, the body and the user's mind can greatly suffer from feelings of anxiousness and exhaustion, due to the fact that it has come down from the high so quickly. The drug is quickly broken down by the liver. Once the ecstasy effects of this drug start to wear down, making sure the individual is in a safe place, and has someplace comfortable and quiet to go to are of utmost importance. Having liquids around to help rehydrate the body, and having certain foods around to help replenish the body may help that individual get over the harsh ecstasy effects post use of ecstasy.

The ecstasy effects on the user's brain -
The chemicals in ecstasy will flood the brain, as they are neurotransmitters, and will have an influence on the flow of information to the user's brain, and throughout the brain. Therefore, certain ecstasy effects on the brain include: slowed or late reaction times, inability to create a complete or cohesive thought, changes in mood for no reason at all, the feeling of elatedness to coming down and crashing for no reason at all, and increased sensitivity to many of the other senses (sound, vision, etc), are all possible ecstasy effects, which are going to be a result of the chemical imbalance in the brain.

The use of ecstasy can also impair the serotonin in the user's system, and will also have an effect on the memory performance and capabilities. There have been studies showing that the ecstasy effects on those who have used the drug on various occasions have had some type of brain damage or damage to the through generating processes. The effect and the loss of brain functionality have been linked to the number of uses by that individual, and how frequently they used the drug. Most of the brain damage that was found in these users was a result of the cells which are responsible for the release of serotonin in the brain, and due to the inability to properly release the serotonin; these individuals have experienced some type of damage to the thought processing capabilities. The ecstasy effects on the brain have a general and direct connection to the amount of use, how high the use is, and how frequently the individuals used the drug.

Side effects of use -
The many ecstasy effects which are found on the body will differ for each user, and will also vary based upon external factors and situations. For some who are recreational drug users, are under the influence of other drugs, alcohol, or on prescription medications, they might find that they are going to experience far more of the negative ecstasy effects on the body. Some of the main ecstasy effects users will experience include: a much quicker heart beat and faster heart rate, incontrollable sweating in the user, and a rise in body temperature. There are other lesser experienced ecstasy effects including: panic attacks, hallucinations, insomnia, some users will experience amnesia, feeling confused, and depression may kick in under certain circumstances as well.

Some of the long term ecstasy effects include dehydration, the potential for hypertension (increased blood pressure), some users may experience heart failure, certain kidney failures, and some users will experience damage to the liver. There are also the cases where death ensues, due to the body's inability to handle the drugs, and the other ecstasy effects which come along with the use of that drug.

Being fully aware of these ecstasy effects, and the dangers of ecstasy use, might dissuade certain users, might turn a particular individual to find the right help, and in certain cases, may save an individual's life, if they get the help they need right away.