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Drug Abuse And Crime

For drug users, or those who are former users and are now clean, you may know that two things which go together are drug abuse and crime. Due to many factors in one's body, the fact that drugs make you feel as if you are out of your body, give you the natural high, make you lose your natural chain of thought, and make you feel as if you are invincible and on top of the world, the fact that crimes tend to occur in staggering numbers by individuals who are under the influence of drugs, or have recently taken drugs, is likely to be something which is always noticed in many cases. Especially the spur of the moment type of crimes, or those which very little premeditation is required, you will find that most of the individuals who are committing the crimes are those who are under the influence of some type of drugs. And, not only is drug abuse and crime related to street or illegal drugs, but in certain instances the drug abuse and crime can be related to cases where the individual is taking prescription medication, and has overdosed, or where they are on prescription medication and alcohol or some other type of depressant is involved in the commission of the crimes.

Feeling as if you are above the law -
Due to the fact that individuals who are using drugs feel invincible, and feel as if they do not have to listen to authority, or abide by set rules, laws, and standards, these individuals are far more likely to be involved in cases of drug abuse and crime. As they do not think clearly, do not care about being caught, and feel that even if they are caught, they can get out of it, individuals who are high, or are under the influence of drugs are far more likely to commit crimes than those who are sober, and are not under the influence of any narcotics. Although most of the cases involving drug abuse and crime are due to the illegal substances (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc), there are certain instances when prescription medication, cough syrups, or others mixed with alcohol is the cause of the crime being committed. The natural high these drugs bring with them, make the individual feel as if they cannot be stopped by anyone, cannot be seen, and that no matter what they do, or what crime they commit, they are going to get away with it because they are above the law.

Crimes typically committed -
When drug abuse and crime is involved, most of the crimes that are committed are those which do not require premeditation. Due to the fact that the individual is really not thinking cohesively, and in some cases is so high they are not thinking at all, they are not able to devise a plan to commit a serious crime or offense. So, whether it is robbing a store, theft, burglary, or even something as serious as murder or just injuring an individual with a firearm, in most instances when drug abuse and crime are involved, the criminal who is on drugs did not take the time to devise a plan and think through what they were going to do. In most cases, they simply went out, bought a gun, or went to a store, and tried to hold up the store clerk, due to the fact that they were high, and did not believe they were going to get caught. So, although the crime might be extremely serious, and in some cases might result in death of others (or the criminal), the crimes which are committed are generally the spur of the moment types of crimes which you will see in the news, where someone does not really think their actions through, when they are committing the crime.

Generally adolescents committing the crimes -
In many instances where drug abuse and crime go hand in hand, reports show that those who are committing the crimes are minors, or around the age of 18. Due to the fact that these individuals have even less sense, and are far more likely to be affected by drugs, they are far more likely to pick up a gun, or go in to a store and rob it. Due to the fact that the body does not know what to do with itself when it is so far gone, and due to the fact that these individuals are younger, and do not have the ability to properly form complete thoughts or cohesive thoughts, those who are abusing drugs at a younger age are more likely to be the individuals who are involved in the drug abuse and crime cases that are reported in the national news. The lack and inability to properly formulate cohesive thoughts, and the inability to contain their actions due to the fact that they have absolutely no control over the body when it is so far gone, younger individuals are the ones who will generally cross over and commit the crimes without really thinking anything through before going out and doing it.

Although there are many crimes which are committed without the drugs being involved, there are millions of cases each year in the US, and around the world where drug abuse and crime seem to be the common equation for many criminals who are committing certain crimes, and putting themselves, and others in harm's way.

The only way to lessen the occurrences and to find methods of stopping drug abuse and crime is to keep an eye out for certain individuals. If you notice an adolescent, or an adult who may be high, making sure it is reported immediately is something that should be done. Although there is no way to ensure prevention 100 % of the time, there are certain precautions which are being taken by many states and local task police forces, to end the many cases of drug abuse and crime which are reported on a daily basis in the US.