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Cocaine Overdose

A cocaine overdose is one of the most serious drug overdoses possible, due to the fact that it can happen from one second to the next. The individual may feel fine one second, and the very next might be facing various effects or symptoms which are common with a cocaine overdose. The overdose occurs in those who consume too high an amount of cocaine for the body to be able to process, and the cocaine overdose can occur in any method of ingesting the drug, whether it is from snorting, injecting it, or smoking the cocaine. Immediately upon the occurrence of the cocaine overdose, and immediately when the individual starts to show certain signs, seeking medical treatment right away is essential, trying home treatments or remedies is never something that should be considered with a cocaine overdose, due to the severity, and due to how quickly it attacks the heart. The overdose might result in various consequences including seizures, damage to the heart and other vital organs, a heart attack or stroke, or coma and death. Due to the quickness that the cocaine overdose will attack the user's heart, making sure that if any of these signs are prevalent, they are dealt with immediately, is of utmost importance for those who overdosed.

When cocaine overdose tends to occur -
There are situations where an individual might accidentally overdose on cocaine, whether they are a first time user, or have been using the drug (and other drugs) for years. Most of the cocaine overdoses tend to occur when there are other drugs involved, or when alcohol is involved in the mix; due to the alcohol in their system, and the inability to properly form cohesive thoughts, the individual might take more than they would otherwise take, causing an overdose to occur. Other drugs, in addition to alcohol, can also cause this cocaine overdose potential, due to the lack of ability to cohesively think, or to put together a series of thoughts. Other main issues which seem to cause a cocaine overdose is in those who believe they have built up a tolerance, due to several years of using cocaine, or by using high amounts for a period of time, and believing they have built up an immunity to the effects of the drug. Knowing the signs of cocaine overdose is a way to help save one's life, in the event you are around while they do overdose: From an extreme or serious nosebleed (which does not seem to cease), to extremely rapid heart rate, nausea, or vomiting. The individual may also feel dehydrated, faint, or dizzy, others will undergo a panic attack, and muscle control will be difficult or any other issues which do not seem normal, are all signs of a cocaine overdose. Therefore, if any of these are present, or if you notice extremely different behavior when you are around an user, calling emergency services (911) right away, is the best, and likely only way to get the help they need to potentially save them.

Treatment for cocaine overdose and use -
Seeking out professional medical attention is the only way for one to really cure the cocaine overdose and constant use, which they believe they have built up the immunity to. Those who do overdose, will need continual monitoring once they are stable and they need to be watched by medical professionals for a period of time for some time after the cocaine overdose occurs, just to ensure no hemorrhaging, or possible cardiac arrest, due to the pressure the cocaine has placed on the heart and pulmonary system. Early and immediate treatment is critical to getting these individuals to a safe place, and getting them to cease use once they have been properly treated for the cocaine overdose episode they are currently dealing with.

After surviving the immediate treatment for the cocaine overdose, seeking out a professional treatment and inpatient center is something that families should consider looking for, if they do not believe they are able to help their loved ones get past the addiction, and do not have the ability to constantly monitor them, to ensure they are not going back to using the drugs. So, following the cocaine overdose, seeking out the top outpatient centers, with the finest doctors and nurses on staff 24/7, is something that has to be done. Due to the fact that the patient has to be monitored every second of the day, especially if they are going through withdrawal of the drug completely, having the top staff on hand, and having the finest doctors and nurses to constantly monitor the patient who has recently undergone a cocaine overdose, is something that family members who are choosing the inpatient center have to consider in order to ensure their family member is being properly cared for post overdosing.

Certain treatments which might be a part of the inpatient center include therapy sessions with many professionals who can help the individual get past their dependence on the drug, personal one on one or group therapy sessions, so that the patient can speak to others who have undergone the same or similar cocaine overdoses in the past, to help one another get through their addictive behaviors. The more help and support one has as a patient, and the more of a support system they have set in place to get the proper assistance, the easier it will be for them to get past their addiction, and avoid another possible cocaine overdose scare.

Treating the condition immediately is of utmost importance to ensure survival in a patient who overdoses on cocaine. The sooner the signs and symptoms are spotted, and the sooner you get the proper treatment and care for your cocaine overdose and addictive behavior, the more likely it is that death will not ensue. Therefore, learning the signs, knowing whether or not your family or friends are using, and constantly monitoring for these signs are all things that should be done, in order to get the treatment started right away is a cocaine overdose has occurred.