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Xanax Over Prescribed and Leading to Mass Addictions

Prescribed and Addicted
The face of an addict has changed tremendously over the years from one who buys illegal drugs on the street to one who becomes addicted to prescribed medicines or "legal drugs". This is not to say street drugs have become a problem of the past, as this could not be further from the truth. However, many individuals have turned to prescription medications to feed their addictions.

The New Prozac
Through the years, popularity has come and gone for various drugs- but as one trend fades another begins. In comparison, many of the drugs being prescribed today are far more potent than those of the past. One such drug is Xanax- a drug which has been deemed "over prescribed" by some doctors. It is a drug used for anxiety, yet it has been used irresponsibly by many looking to get high. Its effects mimic that of heroin, providing users with a relaxed- even numb mood, when at its peak. Unfortunately, once the high wears off, Xanax abusers will have an overwhelming feeling to use more, or face a withdrawal which has been known to put the affects of a heroin withdrawal to shame. In other words, it�''s a drug which should not be abused and certainly should not be stopped unless under medical supervision. For individuals who are addicted to Xanax, treatment is available which does not include having to substitute one drug for another. Those in need of treatment are able to be taken off Xanax without the use of any medication. Getting clean can be difficult, which is why a nonmedication treatment plan is important. Often times, substituting one drug for another can cause relapse, so it's always best to use a plan which will not substitute your drug of preference for another.

Treatment for Xanax Addiction
Individuals who find themselves addicted to Xanax, whether it is prescribed or otherwise, should seek treatment immediately. Treatment methods include being admitted to a treatment facility which specialized in treating those who are addicted to Xanax or other Benzodiazepines. Upon being admitted into an inpatient facility, your addiction will be assessed by a doctor. This will give their staff an idea of the plan which needs to be executed in order to obtain positive results. Normally, nonmedicated treatment facilities will wean you off your drug of choice slowly. This will give your body time to adjust to being without. Being given other narcotics should be out of the question, as the goal is to adjust to life as it is, without mood altering substances. Support groups and other therapy will be given to not only keep the addict busy, but also to provide information on how to become productive without the use of Xanax. While it only takes hours or even days to become addicted- letting go of the thought of using will take time, this is why treatment exists. Going to inpatient treatment will provide the individual with the needed tools to remain clean in a world riddled with drug use.

Shopping for Xanax
Being addicted to Xanax can be a very expensive and tedious addiction. Many individuals begin their use on a prescribed basis, only to find themselves using more and more. Until recently, Xanax had not been under the radar, which made it far easier than it should have been to obtain on a prescribed level. It has been said that Xanax has become the new Prozac, if there is any comparison. Prozac was never known to have the addictive traits which Xanax has, yet Xanax is prescribed just as much if not more than Prozac ever was. There has been investigations of addicts doing what has been called "doctor shopping" in certain states to get Xanax, and for many this has become a way of life. This unfortunately is the result of addicts who refuse to experience the life threatening withdrawal which Xanax has been known to cause.

Popular But Dangerous
If you or someone you know is addicted to Xanax, help should be sought out immediately. Xanax's withdrawal is far worse than that of heroin, yet it actually made Forbe's list of 15 most popular prescribed drugs. What this means is that Xanax is more than likely in far too many medicine cabinets and chances are those who have been prescribed the medication have no idea about its addictive characteristics. Alprazolam, which is another name for Xanax, made no.12 on Forbes list of most popular prescribed drugs. If this is indeed true, which Forbes has been known to be a reliable source of analytic data for years, then Xanax is truly one of the most prescribed medicines in the U.S. and addiction could become an epidemic if the situation gets any more out of hand than it already is.

Legal Drugs, Negative Effects
For those who may be addicted to cocaine, which is an "upper" and can be used to counter the effect of drugs such as heroin or Xanax, this can be a deadly combination as well. Mixing prescription and nonprescription drugs such as these can lead not only to despair, dismay and addiction- but health problems later down the road. Whereas cocaine has been known to restrict arteries, which could lead to heart attacks and other conditions-Xanax's effects can be just as bad, even though it is a "legal" drug. Abusing Xanax can lead to permanent memory loss as well as mental problems. Yes, a drug which has been said by its previous manufacturer Pzifer to have helped many when used as prescribed, can lead to far worse ailments when abused. This should be a cause of concern for many.

Don't Substitute, Get Help
If you are a heroin addict, looking for a quick fix, using Xanax is not a wise choice- just as it is not for a cocaine user looking to add to their high. Xanax is a medicine which has been cleared by the FDA for use when treating anxiety and other disorders; however this does not mean that it is safe for use when not prescribed. Dealing with your addiction through treatment, is the best way to ensure a safe and successful withdrawal, and substituting one drug for another is not the answer. For anyone experiencing addiction to Xanax or any other drug, help is imminent- and the sooner it is gotten the better. You don't have to be addicted forever, there is help available. Even without medical insurance, there are many government sponsored programs available to assist with detox and withdrawals. Just like any other medication, Xanax should not be used by those for whom it was not prescribed. The only difference is the chance of deadly consequence for those who do not get proper supervision for withdrawal. If you're taking Xanax as prescribed by your doctor, you should be fine- but if you are one of many who find themselves addicted to this potent drug, get help now.