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Demerol is in a group of drugs known as narcotic pain relievers, due to its characteristics and compounds, which are known to cure and alleviate levels of pain in the human body. One of the ingredients, which is not as potent of a reliever as Demerol is acetaminophen, which is likely to increase the effects one is going to feel when on Demerol. The combination of these two ingredients is used for the pain relief in individuals who are feeling moderate to severe pain, due to a variety of reasons from sports related injuries, to post surgical pain, or pain in the limbs or joints due to conditions such as arthritis. Although the use of these medications and pain relievers can be used in other cases and for other purposes, the main use of Demerol is to treat pain, and to make users feel the pain relief almost instantaneously upon use.

Information one should know about Demerol before use -
For those who consume alcohol, you must speak to your physician before taking any medication with Demerol in it, due to the fact that you might not be able to mix the alcohol with acetaminophen in the system. Due to the fact that the drug is highly habit forming and addictive, individuals who are taking Demerol should only be via a doctor's prescription, and should be in a contained amount, and monitored use is also something that has to be present in individuals who are taking these pain killers. The use of Demerol can also cause certain side effects in many individuals who do use the drug, therefore knowing what conditions are possible, what side effects are likely to occur, and informing your doctor if you have ever been addicted to any drugs or medication, are some things to be aware of prior to starting any Demerol medication. Additionally, if the medication ceases to stop alleviating the pain as it did early on in use, rather than kick up the dose, or just change use patterns, one should discuss this with their doctor, to determine what the best approach is when they are taking the Demerol.

Conditions & factors to keep in mind before starting on Demerol -
One should not use the medication if they are allergic to acetaminophen or Demerol; additionally, due to the fact that this is a habit forming drug, and should only be used when prescribed to the user, if you have a history of drug abuse, or overdosed in the past, this has to be told to your physician to ensure your safety when using the medication. Prior to beginning the use of Demerol, letting your doctor know of any conditions is something individuals must do. In the event you have any allergies, or any of the following conditions, your doctor should be made aware of them. These conditions include: asthma or COPD, liver or kidney diseases, low blood pressure, any history of trauma or brain tumors, and under or over active thyroid, any mental illnesses, or a history of being addicted to any drugs or alcohol, namely due to the fact that Demerol is highly addictive if placed in the wrong hands. Even if you do have a history, it does not mean the doctor will not prescribe it, but they might prescribe very limited doses, and they may require that you come in on a regular basis to ensure none of your past behaviors are kicking in during use. Additionally, women who are pregnant should avoid the use of Demerol (or at least speak with their physician about the dangers prior to starting use in the event of severe pain, where this is the only viable medication which is going to offer users the relief they seek).

How to ingest the Demerol doses -
When on Demerol, users should take the medication exactly as it is prescribed by the physician, and in the exact doses and format the drug is given to them. It should not be used in higher doses, or for a longer period of time than prescribed by a doctor, and users should not all of a sudden cease use of Demerol, without first talking to their doctor about it. Due to the high potential for liver damage in the event of an overdose, users must inform their doctor immediately if they believe they have taken more than should be (which is generally no more than 4 grams per day). Therefore, tracking the use, and knowing when you are ingesting the medications, at what intervals you are taking the Demerol, and how much is being taken with each dose, are important factors to consider. Many users may experience constipation during use of Demerol, therefore consuming several glasses of water each day might help prevent this, and users may also want to consider cutting back on fiber intake during the period they are on the medication as well.

Overdose of Demerol -
Due to the nature of the drug, the fact that it is extremely habit forming, and the addictive nature of the Demerol medication, those who do overdose run many risks including liver damage, drowsiness, excessive sweating, slow heart rate, weak pulse, muscle weaknesses which are unexplained, blue lips, shallow breathing, and in the worst case scenario, if the overdose is high enough death might be something that can occur. Therefore, if you do overdose on the Demerol dose you were prescribed, contacting emergency services right away, and not trying any home remedies, is something that has to be done. A few minutes can make a big difference, especially if it was a fairly high overdose of the medication; therefore, getting the assistance needed right away is something users must keep in mind in the event an overdose of Demerol (accidental or otherwise) ever does occur. The faster they are able to get the proper emergency services to the home, and the faster you can get the individual to the hospital or emergency care room, the better the chances are of being able to save the user.