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Over The Counter Drug Abuse

Due to the ease of attaining these products, the fact that they can help cure your pain and make you feel good, and the fact that there is no prescription necessary to purchase them, one major issue which might be out there for individuals who do not know how to deal with pain is the possibility of over the counter drug abuse. Since these drugs are so readily available, and in most pharmacies all that is required to purchase them is showing an ID, if you find something that really takes care of levels of pain you face, or something that gives you the "high" which illegal drugs would give you, legally, there is a grave risk of over the counter drug abuse taking place for certain individuals. Knowing about these risks, knowing about the ingredients that are in the over the counter medications, and learning about the health risks that are involved if you do overdose, are all things which should be considered and known by all individuals who do take the medications, in order to ensure they do not become addicted and start to over the counter drug abuse these products down the road.

Learning the ingredient blends -
In some cases you are just looking for quick pain relief, and do not want to pay the high price for prescription medications, and will therefore turn to an over the counter medication. But, if this is something you are going to do, making sure you know the ingredients in the medication, and find out whether or not they are addictive since these medications are going to give you the pain relief you seek, is something that has to be learned prior to starting taking them. Either asking a pharmacist, or doing some research on the ingredients, the medication, and whether there is a history of over the counter drug abuse with that medication, are all simple things one can do prior to starting to take that medication. In most cases, you are just looking for quick pain relief, and are not looking to become addicted to these pain killers. But, in many instances some people who are prone to feeling the high or the good feeling that the medicine gives them, might find they are becoming addicted to those medications. So, if you are one of those individuals, making sure you choose products which do not have an ingredient list of things which are likely to get you hooked, is something you should consider prior to starting up with an over the counter medication.

Avoiding those medications which taste good -
Although they might seem harmless, those over the counter medicines which treat a cold or cough which have a great fruity flavor might lead to over the counter drug abuse with certain individuals. So, if you find yourself purchasing these products constantly, and drinking or taking a pill even when you are not sick, then it might be an issue which has to be dealt with. For those who are easily persuaded by the taste, and do not believe there is any harm in taking the medication, in order to avoid the potential for over the counter drug abuse, choosing a different option, or asking your doctor for a prescription instead, is the way to go, so that you do not find yourself in a compromising position, and find that some time down the road you are not able to stop taking that over the counter medication. Many manufacturers have turned away from the better tasting options due to the potential for over the counter drug abuse, and have made traditional pills or syrups which are not so tasty so that individuals who use these products do not run in to this problem.

Kids, Teens, and over the counter drug abuse -
Due to the fact that these medications can be purchased by almost anyone, there is always the possibility for teens and middle school children getting into some kind of over the counter drug abuse and taking these medications to get high or to get that buzz. Although there is no way to stop certain individuals, if you are a parent, making sure you know that your kids are not purchasing these medications, or as a pharmacy or retail store that sells these medications, making sure there are warnings, and that there are certain restrictions on the amount, and who can buy the medications, are certain things which should be in place to prevent this over the counter drug abuse from taking place. As with any other drug abuse, there is no way to control anyone 100 % of the time; but, if the pharmacies place restrictions on amounts, and who can purchase the over the counter products, it will solve many of the issues with those teens who are just looking for a buzz, and really do not need the over the counter medication for curing an illness or pain.

By being aware of the potential for over the counter drug abuse, and by being mindful that it is a problem, those who do turn to over the counter medications have to be aware of what they are buying, the ingredients in the medication, and learning about whether or not they are addictive. By knowing that there is a possibility for over the counter drug abuse and addiction, and by being mindful of these things, you are far less likely to get stuck using these medications in a manner that will be harmful to your health.

So, if you do use over the counter pain killers, making sure you purchase them in limited quantities, and making sure you are fully aware of the ingredients (and knowing these ingredients are not habit forming or addictive), are certain factors to keep in mind when choosing the medicine. Knowing that over the counter drug abuse is real, and doing what you can to avoid it, and being mindful of the medication you are taking, are things which can easily help prevent the addiction, abuse, or potential for abuse down the road.