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Meth Facts

For those who are meth users, or know anyone who may be an user, learning the meth facts, the harm it does to the body, and the potential risks which may ensue from continual use, will help you reassess the use, and determine whether it is really a necessity in your life. If you know any meth users, making sure to convey these meth facts to them, and help them get the help they need to quit, are some things that should be done by friends, family members, or anyone else who is concerned with an individual who is using the drug. Learning the meth facts, what meth can do to your body and behavioral patterns, and just learning the harmful effects it has on the user, and those who love them, are things which individuals who are using should consider.

Psychotic behavior -
One of the most well known meth facts and conditions which the drug brings along with it is that meth can cause psychosis, which is a severe mental disorder experienced by users. This will result in a loss of contact with reality, the individual may experience extreme and strong delusions and hallucinations, they might experience paranoia, and in some cases, obsessive compulsive behavior and disorders are likely to occur in habitual users of meth. This is one of the most commonly known meth facts users should be aware of, as well as those who are considering use, in order to understand the behaviors and the feelings they are going to experience.

Meth Facts in relation to the brain -
Those who choose to turn to this extremely addictive drug will find that meth, over a continual use period, can lead to significant changes in the brain, the way it functions, and the ability to reason and come up with solutions. Some of the effects are going to happen immediately, while others will occur over time.

Depression -
Another one of the common meth facts which individuals should know of prior to beginning use is that meth can lead to depression. Users will find that meth damages various systems in the brain which regulate their emotions and abilities to experience pleasure in life. Due to this, the body is going to feel exhausted, fatigue; users will experience confusion, and in many cases may experience thoughts of suicide over a period of extended use, due to their unhappiness with life.

Meth facts about Learning & Development -
The use of meth can also cause longer lasting impairment of cognitive functions; this impairment will lead to a compromising effect on the user's ability to learn, come up with cohesive and complete thoughts, form and perform verbal task, properly form a sentence, and in many cases may also affect the basic motor and driving skills over a period of time.

Tolerance built up by the brain -
One of the more common meth facts users should be aware of is the tolerance which the brain will quickly build up when they are on meth. The brain is going to quickly build up dependence on the drug, and in order for users to feel pleasure, or be able to function normally on a day to day basis; they are going to need the drug in their system. As the body becomes tolerant to the drug, it is also going to rely on it in order to function; therefore, before starting, considering the need and want that will be experienced, are things users must be aware of as well.

Aggression & Meth -
The use of meth is going to over stimulate the amygdala (which is the emotional control center in one's brain), in turn compromising the brains circuits which are necessary for them to be able to control their behavioral patterns. Without the ability to control their behavior, this might result in lashing out, improper behavior at the wrong moment or places, aggression towards the wrong individuals, and just an overall inability to keep one's cool in any situation. Although this will take some time before it starts taking place, for those who continually use meth, the aggression and violence are going to become a common occurrence.

Meth facts about your body -
For starters, those who turn to meth will find that they have an inability to properly control muscles in the body. The involuntary muscle contractions are common from uncontrollable twitching and movements, to various tics or facial expressions which are involuntary. Another issue which users will experience is the increase in body temperature, which can reach extremely dangerous levels, leading to increase in heart and respiratory rates. Over time, this will also lead to organ failure, and in many habitual or long term users, can even lead to brain damage.

For those who are wondering about meth facts on appearance, the continual use can lead to rotting teeth due to poor hygiene, bacterial build up, and due to the high acidity in the drug, can lead to tooth decay. Additionally, due to the toxic chemicals which are found in meth, hair loss is also something that is common amongst users, both long term and short term. Many users will also feel as if they have bugs crawling on or under their skin (hallucinations), which will in turn lead them to digging in to the skin, causing open sores and cuts. Weight loss is also going to occur due to a lack of appetite, not eating a proper diet, and turning to the drugs instead.

These are some of the most basic meth facts which users should be aware of prior to considering starting use. As meth is extremely addictive, and can quickly become something that you will find a need for, if you are considering use, knowing the complications, conditions, and various meth facts might help dissuade individuals from beginning use. There are many other facts including problems with family, losing friends, and distancing yourself from reality, due to mood and temper issues, and just the difficulty of dealing with your life while taking this drug over a period of time.