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History Of Meth

Having been synthesized or discovered in Germany in the year 1887, Meth was first described as a drug in search of a disease. This may not sound so clear to most people especially those who may not know Meth. However, Methamphetamine as the drug is commonly known to others, was discovered at a time that no one had an idea on the specific disease (s) that it would be used to cure. During this time, those who discovered the drug kept trying it out on almost all kinds of diseases to be able to find the one that it can be used on. However, after a long search and tests, they finally came up with conclusion. In the late 1920s, it was established that Meth can be successfully used as a remedy for various health conditions including congestion and even depression. The drug was found out to be able to treat and even cure several diseases that affect man.

After a period of a bout ten years, Meth had become popular across Germany and other states. This prompted some companies to start producing Meth for commercial purposes. These companies began marketing Meth under the brand name, Benzedrine that was sold as an over-the-counter inhaler. The inhaler was used in the treatment of nasal congestion in people having asthma, hay fever and even colds. However, after certain numerous tests, the drug was also found to contain certain nutrients that controlled depression. This made even non-asthmatics to begin abusing the drug so as to get a buzz. By 1937, the news about the drug being abused had spread round and various manufacturers began producing it in form of a tablet that was available for prescription.

After the discovery in Germany and other neighboring states, Meth was again discovered in Japan in 1919. With little information about the drug, the Japanese found it easy making the potent drug. However, they used it in form of crystalline powder. They dissolved the powder in water and used in through injections. Even though the drug is prohibited in most countries across the world, Meth is legal in the United States where it is produced by several people. However, in the US, it is sold under a different name known as Desoxyn. It is reported that Methamphetamine was widely used during World War 2 since it had become a commonly known drug that was abused across many nations. The height of abuse of this drug occurred during World War 2 where it was used to keep the fighting soldiers going on. Especially in the Vietnam War, it is reported that American soldiers used more Meth than any other states in the world. However, in Japan where it was also discovered a bit earlier, the abuse of Meth only reached higher levels immediately after the end of World War 2. This was alleged to the fact that the supplies that were kept for the military began finding their way into the hands of the public.

In the United States, most companies began legally manufacturing Methamphetamine and Dextroamphetamine under the names Methedrine and Dexedrine respectively. This was in the 1950s where the drugs were readily available and used not for any medical reasons. The drug was then abused by college students, truck drivers and even athletes due to its potency. This is a confirmation that the abuse of Meth spread at the same rate that its use did. However, it was also used as a cure for people with weight problems and mild depressions. During this time, the drug was mostly used in the form of tablets but this drastically changed in the 1960s. The drastic change saw the introduction of Methamphetamine in the form of injections. However, this was later faced with prohibition by the 1970 Controlled Substances Act that opposed the production of the drug in injectable form. The act helped in decreasing the abuse of drug to a greater level.

Despite the prohibitions that have been leveled against the production of Meth, the trafficking and abuse of the drug in the United States has been steadily on the rise. Due to this, the drug is creating devastating challenges to most communities with the levels of abuse said to continue rising by the day. The western part of the US is currently reported to be feeling the greatest impact since its the only place where not so many people had not become familiar with the harmful effects of Meth. In almost all drugs being trafficked and abused in the US, Clandestine production amounts to the greatest percentage. The domestic large scale production of Meth is currently higher in California with others also in Mexico.

There are a lot of dangers that come with the production and even use of Meth. The drug is produced in laboratories that are equipped with deadly weapons, chemicals and explosives. These have been used in committing a series of crimes including murder, explosions and irreparable damage to human health and even the environment. The trafficking of Meth also combines other illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, Marijuana among others. Meth is also known by other several names on the street including chalk, chicken feed, Crystal meth, speed, crank, Go-fast among others.

There are several deadly effects that come with the use of Meth. Some of these are short term while others are also long term. The effects include higher state of agitation that is likely to lead to violence, heart attack, hallucinations, stroke, paranoia, death among several others. However, despite all these, it is said that the treatment of Methamphetamine addiction makes it very easy for the addicts to quit using it. These can be conducted even without medications. The most effective treatment that is available today for Meth addiction is behavioral interventions. This is because most of the effects of this drug have got the greatest impacts on behavioral change. There are several cognitive behavioral interventions that can be used like the Matrix model that applies behavioral therapy, counseling, family education, engagement in activities that are not related to drugs and a 12-step support program. However, there are no medications that have been approved for the treatment of Methamphetamine addiction.