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Cocaine Facts

Whether you have ever tried cocaine or not, or whether you are one of the many who have tried it at least once in their life, there are many cocaine facts which users, non users, and those who are considering trying the drug should know about it. From the extraction of the drug from the leaves of the Erythroxylon coca bush, to the fact that it is available in the US via being transported in from Colombia, to any other random, or important cocaine facts one should know about, prior to starting use, or when they are trying to quit using the drug.

Not only is cocaine the second most addictive drug in the US after marijuana, but other cocaine facts also include that it is the one that is most commonly involved in illicit substance use with drug fatalities, and it causes three times more deaths in the US (and worldwide), than any other illegal drug which users are addicted to.

Random cocaine facts -
There are two forms which one can purchase cocaine which is either in the powder or crystalline form. The crystallized rock form of the drug is most commonly referred to as "crack" cocaine, and this has not been neutralized by any acids as the powder form has been prior to its sale and consumption. Another one of the most commonly known cocaine facts is that about 36 million Americans (age 12 and older), have tried the drug at least one time in their lifetime, and there are approximately 2 million Americans who are regular users of the drug, or use it on a daily basis. In those reports and tests, it has also been reported that about 2,500 Americans try the drug for the first time on a day to day basis, making it one of the most consumed drugs in the US.

The cocaine facts about use and ingesting -
The reports and studies which offer information on cocaine facts report that after marijuana, cocaine is the next most commonly used illicit drug in the US; additionally, due to the fact that it is far harder to quit using this drug, many who try it for the first time, become repeat users, and in many instances, will become regular users (and many individuals will become recreational users of the drug, due to the ease of becoming addicted to it). Another one of the cocaine facts related to the death rate is that cocaine makes up more than three times the deaths of other illegally used drugs in the US, making it the most commonly related illegal drug which causes death in users, due to overdose (whether it is accidental or whether the overdose was due to addictive behavior).

As far as the cocaine facts about ingesting, users will find that there are a few different methods to take the drug. Users who use the drug can either snort it through the nose, they can inject it in to their blood stream with the use of needles, or many users will smoke cocaine to produce vapors, and will inhale the drug in this method. The most commonly snorted form of cocaine is powder, which is also commonly mixed with water, and is injected in to the blood stream by many users; for those who choose to smoke the drug, it is generally in the form of crack cocaine, due to the ease of getting the vapors from the drug.

The cocaine facts in relation to addiction-
One of the most commonly known cocaine facts is that it provides and produces an euphoric feeling to its users. Due to the natural high that the drug gives users, and due to the fact that the brain is releasing a higher level of dopamine during use, the individual user is going to get that natural high feeling, and will feel elated when they are on the drug. But, another one of the most common and well known cocaine facts is that once this high wears off, users tend to feel down, the quick high leaves the body, and they will find that moods tend to change extremely quickly, and they can go from a high, to a low, in a matter of seconds once the high wears down.

The cocaine facts in relation to the nervous system -
Another of the known cocaine facts is that it is the most powerful stimulant which can be used on the nervous system. There are many physical effects which cocaine is going to work on the body including constricting the blood vessels, or increasing the user's temperature, their heart rate, and the blood flow through their system. Other commonly known cocaine facts about the drug is that once it hits the nervous system, users will feel the great alert feelings, high energy, and a great degree of self confidence, making them believe they can do pretty much anything.

Other random cocaine facts -
The drug has been around for an extremely long period of time, and many famous individuals throughout history, including Sigmund Freud was one of the main proponents of the drug for certain individuals. He recommended the drug to treat depression, for alcoholism, and for those who had a morphine addiction, after he first used it.

Although there are many random facts about the drug, and there are many known cocaine facts as to the damage it can do to the body and the central nervous system, as well as the long term and short term effects it has on the body, there are still many users who heed these cocaine facts, and use the drug recreationally. Whether you are a current user, have tried it in the past, or are considering the use of cocaine as a recreational drug, one has to know of the many dangers the drug has on the system, and should first learn some of the most basic and well known cocaine facts, in order to determine whether or not the drug is something they should get started with.