• Ida Grove, Iowa Census Data
  • The total number of people in Ida Grove is 3,175. Of those, 1,528 are Male (48.13 %) and 1,647 are Female (51.87 %).

    In Ida Grove, Iowa 41.5 is the median age.

    Ida Grove, Iowa population is broken down (as a percentage) by age as follows:

    Under Age of 5: 5.67 %
    Ages 5 to 9: 6.96 %
    Ages 10 to 14: 8.41 %
    Ages 15 to 19: 6.96 %
    Ages 20 to 24: 3.62 %
    Ages 25 to 34: 9.29 %
    Ages 35 to 44: 14.77 %
    Ages 45 to 54: 14.61 %
    Ages 55 to 59: 5.32 %
    Ages 60 to 64: 4.16 %
    Ages 65 to 74: 10.24 %
    Ages 75 to 84: 7.18 %
    Over the age of 85: 2.80 %

    Analysis of Education/Enrollment in Ida Grove, Iowa:
    A total of 818 people over the age of three are enrolled in school in Ida Grove.
    Of the total enrolled in Ida Grove:
    64 children in Ida Grove are enrolled in Nursery School.
    47 children are attending Kindergarten in Ida Grove.
    406 children in Ida Grove attend Primary School
    222 young people in Ida Grove attend Secondary School.
    79 people are enrolled in college in Ida Grove.
    934 people have a High School diploma (or equivalent).
    491 people have attended some college (without a degree).
    96 people in Ida Grove have an Associates Degree.
    278 people in Ida Grove have a Bachelors Degree.
    59 people in Ida Grove have a Graduate Degree.

    Ida Grove Statistical Data
    Ida Grove, Iowa Total Area covers 126.07 Square Miles.
    Total Water Area is 0.14 Square Miles.
    Total Land Area is 125.93 Square Miles.
    In Ida Grove, IA. pop. density is 25.21 persons/square mile.
    Ida Grove, Iowa is located in the Central (GMT -6) Time Zone.
    The elevation in Ida Grove is 1225 Ft.

    Economic Data for Ida Grove, IA.

    Family Income Data for Ida Grove:
    Income per household breakdown is as follows:
    Earning under $10,000 annually: 128
    Earning $10,000.00 to $14,999 annually: 80
    Earning $15,000 to $24,999 annually: 197
    Earning $25,000 to $34,999 annually: 199
    Earning $35,000 to $49,999 annually: 255
    Earning $50,000 to $74,999 annually: 286
    Earning $75,000 to $99,999 annually: 82
    Earning $100,000 to $149,999 annually: 33
    Earning $150,000 to $199,999 annually: 8
    Earning $200,000 or more annually: 33
    $38,090.00 is the Median Annual Income per family in Ida Grove.

    Employment Data:
    1,627 are employed in Ida Grove, Iowa.
    64 are unemployed in Ida Grove.
    Of those that currently employed in Ida Grove:
    856 Males are currently employed in Ida Grove.
    771 Females are currently employed in Ida Grove, IA.

Parent Testimonials Video

Drug addiction and alcoholism is damaging to the life of any person in Ida Grove and their loved ones. The very first step in battling an alcohol or drug addiction is realizing that there is a problem and that qualified support is required to resolve it. Ida Grove drug treatment and alcohol rehab programs are designed to provide professional assistance and support so that the process of recovery can take place. As tough as it may be to step forward and seek out treatment assistance it is a lot more challenging to continue the vicious cycle of addiction.

When you are looking at whether you or someone close to you in Ida Grove, IA. really should get treatment help for a drug addiction or alcoholism problem, one of the initial topics that may come up is the cost of a drug treatment and alcohol rehab facility. The cost component can be a barrier for many people and lead to the thought "I will just do this through my own willpower and not have to pay any money." The problem is, drug addiction and alcoholism are very complicated issues that are characterized by intense compulsions to acquire and use drugs, it is not simply a subject of possessing willpower. There are things that need to be repaired on a physical and emotional level. Structured treatment provided by a drug and alcohol rehab program will get you sober and educate you on how to stay sober.

The truth is, for the most part most people in Ida Grove fully grasp the consequences of what it may cost them if they do not go into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. The cost of the consequences drug and alcohol addiction is immeasurable. Family relationships can be torn apart. Sober friends and associates can be devastated. Employment and other career possibilities are lost. Health and wellness problems can grow into substantial medical expenses not to mention the criminal justice problems that often come up in most drug and alcohol addiction circumstances. In all actuality the cost of a drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation program is mild.

There are several financial options for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, the important thing is to select the ideal treatment plan for you or your loved one in Ida Grove, IA. that fits within your financial means.

Modalities of treatment might differ depending on which drug rehab and alcohol treatment facility you decide on and what type of addiction treatment strategy the facility provides. Most drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation facilities can and will incorporate a number of addiction treatment options: inpatient rehab, day-treatment, outpatient rehab, holistic rehab, and drug and alcohol detoxification.

Ida Grove, Iowa drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers typically start out the treatment regimen with drug and/or alcohol detoxification. Drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from nervousness, depression, insomnia, arthralgia (joint pain), myalgia (muscle pains), convulsions and additional withdrawal symptoms depending on the severity of the addiction and the type of drug or substance that the person has been abusing and length of time they have been using. This is why it is vital that the detoxification is medically supervised by a state-licensed drug and alcohol rehab facility or hospital. Detoxification is accomplished by way of an assortment of treatment techniques to relieve the physical dependence of drugs or alcohol which can take from 3 to 10 days.

If you or your loved one in Ida Grove has a destructive drug or alcohol abuse problem, an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center would be the most effective choice usually. Severe drug addiction or alcoholism commonly brings about the following behaviors: dishonesty, thieving, isolation from family and friends, troubles at work or no job at all, mood swings etc. These irrational behaviors are commonly present in the case of a severe alcohol or drug addiction issue. When there is a severe addiction present it can very difficult if not impossible to stop without the support and assistance from a professional inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs are readily available for individuals with moderate drug or alcohol abuse difficulties. An outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a suitable choice for those people who have just started abusing drugs or alcohol and they have not yet aquired a dependence upon the substance yet their drug or alcohol use is turning into a problem that they do need help with before it does get out of control. Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities have quite limited supervision as opposed to an inpatient or residential program, which is typically 24-hours a day. It is important that drug testing is available in an outpatient program as a deterrent to the person using drugs or alcohol while participating with outpatient drug or alcohol treatment.

When you have made the decision that a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center is required for you or a loved one in Ida Grove, the next decision is where? There are numerous drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the nation with many different treatment options. Locating the correct drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation program for you or your loved one requires first figuring out what is offered. If you have made the decision that you require help but are confused about what to do or where to go, call our toll free number and a Registered Addiction Specialist will help you find what you are searching for.

If you are ready to get treatment for yourself or someone you care about in Ida Grove, IA. and do not need the assistance of a Counselor, we have provided the listings below in Ida Grove, IA. of Local and/or Nearby drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Here are the local and nearby listings for Ida Grove, Iowa:
  • Plains Area Mental Health Center
    Plains Area Mental Health Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center that is located at 700 East 2nd Street Ida Grove, IA. 51445.
    Plains Area Mental Health Center can be contacted by calling 712-364-3500.
    Treatment Services: Spanish Speaking Clients
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Military Insurance, Self Payment
  • Jackson Recovery Centers Inc (21.7 miles from Ida Grove)
    Jackson Recovery Centers Inc is an alcohol and drug rehab facility that is located at 1233 Broadway Denison, IA. 51442.
    Jackson Recovery Centers Inc can be contacted by calling 712-263-5065.
    Treatment Services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs, Services for Teens, Females, Males, DUI/DWI Clients, Spanish Speaking Clients
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Self Payment
  • Buena Vista Regional Medical Center (25.4 miles from Ida Grove)
    Buena Vista Regional Medical Center is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that is located at 1525 West 5th Street Storm Lake, IA. 50588.
    Buena Vista Regional Medical Center can be contacted by calling 712-732-4030.
    Treatment Services: Spanish Speaking Clients
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Self Payment
  • West Cedar Residential (30.6 miles from Ida Grove)
    West Cedar Residential is an alcohol and drug treatment facility that is located at 1251 West Cedar Loop Cherokee, IA. 51012.
    West Cedar Residential can be contacted by calling 712-225-1687.
    Treatment Services: Spanish Speaking Clients
    Payment Options: Self Payment
  • Counseling Services LLC (35.2 miles from Ida Grove)
    Counseling Services LLC is an alcohol and drug treatment center that is located at 512 North Court Street Carroll, IA. 51401.
    Counseling Services LLC can be contacted by calling 712-662-3222.
    Treatment Services:
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Military Insurance, Self Payment, Payment Assistance

Additional Articles About Drug Addiction and Treatment in Ida Grove, Iowa

  • While drug and alcohol treatment programs in Ida Grove offer relief from the daily temptations of the outside world so that recovering addicts can focus on rehabilitation. A drug treatment center is not a vacation resort or hotel. Time spent at a drug rehabilitation facility in Ida Grove is meant to be as productive as possible doing the essential actions necessary to conquer addiction. This takes intense focus and dedication not only on the part of the treatment staff but the individual himself, who will want to use his time in treatment wisely and effectively to get better....

  • The first step that individuals will do as part of any drug or alcohol rehab program is a thorough and safe detoxification process. This includes detoxification from both drugs and alcohol. Alcohol detox is in fact more complex in some instances and produces a different set of risks associated with withdrawal. Withdrawing from alcohol in some cases can be life threatening in fact. For this reason, there are different circumstances for which a person will receive an inpatient detox at a drug or alcohol rehab facility in Ida Grove, or whether or not they will require a medically supervised detox at a specialty facility or hospital....

  • When an individual needs help getting off of drugs or alcohol, drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Ida Grove will either personally ensure addicted individuals are completely detoxed on site, or will get them to a specialty facility to ensure they are safely gotten through the detoxification process. Being treated during the detoxification process will make sure that all of the residual drugs or alcohol are out of the individual's system, while also assisting them through any difficulties they may have with drug or alcohol withdrawal....

  • Detoxification is the first step in the drug rehabilitation process in Ida Grove, and must be effectively completed before a particular person can proceed with all of the other parts of treatment. The detox process may take place in a variety of settings, depending on how complex or medically compromised an addict's health and substance abuse issues are. Some detoxes are best handled in a hospital location where the person can be looked after and cared for, due to certain risks involved which can be quite extreme. Most detoxes however can be performed in-house at a quality drug treatment facility in Ida Grove....

  • Drug and alcohol addiction in Ida Grove can get individuals involved in all levels of crime and trouble. When someone becomes dependent to drugs or alcohol they will often commit crimes in order to keep their habit going. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men and women currently incarcerated in the prison system in the United States are there because of some form of drug or alcohol addiction....

  • NA meetings in Ida Grove:
  • Ida County Court House (NA Meeting)
    401 Moorehead Street
    Ida Grove, IA. 51445

    Tuesday - 7:30 PM
  • Al-Anon support groups meetings in Ida Grove:
  • NULL (Al-Anon Meeting)
    800 N. Main
    Ida Grove, Iowa

    Thursday - 8:00 PM