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Ecstasy Statistics & Facts

For those who are considering the use, or believe they know an individual who is using ecstasy, learning the basic ecstasy statistics might help you determine whether or not an individual you know and love is using the drug, or whether use is really as addictive as others claim it to be. The most basic ecstasy statistics will tell users that the drug is a synthetic drugs, which has mind altering (psychoactive) capabilities, leading users to have hallucinations during use, and with the amphetamine properties in the drug, it is extremely addictive. For those who suspect a loved one is using the drug, you may want to learn some of the street names as well (Adam, Xtc, X, Hug, etc), in order to understand who they are speaking to, and what they are talking about when using these terms.

The basic ecstasy statistics & what ecstasy is -
The illegal synthetic drug is a hallucinogen, as well as a stimulant, making it not only extremely addictive, but one of the drugs that will give users the good vibes and the natural high which they love feeling. The chemical structure of ecstasy has components which are known to cause brain damage in users, even if the drug is only used for a short period of time, or if used only on a recreational basis; therefore, those who are habitual users, and use the drug on a regular basis, brain damage is one of the most commonly known side effects of ecstasy. One of the main ecstasy statistics many users do not know is that it was originally made as a diet aid, but due to experimentation, it was found that those who were on it, did not have the ability to control their actions or inhibitions, which led to it being one of the most used drugs in the US and world wide.

The ecstasy statistics on use & the users -
The main method of ingesting the drug is in a pill format, where it is usually taken along with many other drugs, and is usually mixed with alcohol, in many cases making for a lethal concoction. Many users will also crush the pill and take it as a powder (similar to use of cocaine, inhaling through the nose), it can also be injected in to the veins, or the drug can also be used as a suppository if users prefer this method of ingesting it. The most common users of ecstasy seem to be middle age and younger adults, especially at illegal parties which are similar to raves. Due to the availability of the illegal drug as a street drug, and due to the fact that most individuals at these types of parties do ingest the drug, it is extremely popular in certain underground night clubs, raves, and all night parties which many individuals tend to hold.

The ecstasy statistics on effects on the body -
Many know the basic ecstasy statistics pertaining to the damage the drug does to one's body, especially if they are a regular user. The energizing effect and surge you get through your body, as well as the distorted perception, and the high you experience while on ecstasy, users do not immediately feel the effects which are soon to follow once they get off that high. The effects will tend to last anywhere from three up to five hours after the drug is first ingested, but soon after the high dies down, feelings of depression, the shakes (and cold sweats), and the potential for a rapidly increased heart rate and body temperature, are all possibilities which might soon come about after the great feeling effects wear down.

The ecstasy statistics on hazards of the drug -
As with many other amphetamine based drugs, there are certain problems which can occur to ecstasy users as well. Some of the most common issues include: psychological problems, a state of depression (in some cases suicidal behaviors), confusion in users, issues or problems falling and staying asleep (insomnia), craving for more ecstasy as well as other drugs, paranoia (and many bad dreams), psychotic episodes, and severe anxiety are all issues which users are going to face once the initial high they were feeling dies down. Many of these symptoms can last for weeks, and many of the physical side effects are going to include: involuntary muscle spasms, teeth clenching, nausea and vomiting, chills and the cold sweats, feeling faint, and rapid eye movement in certain individuals. Although not all of these happen in all users, they are the most common feelings one will get, and are some of the more hazardous effects. Of course the possibility of death or cardiac arrest is always present due to the increased pulse and heart rate for those who may overdose on the drug (even if small quantities are ingested, but the user does not know the potency of the street drugs which they have purchased). Additionally, by adding in alcohol (which is generally part of raves and underground parties, users are going to be far more likely to overdose, or have certain effects on the body which can be fairly dangerous, and can lead to potential issues down the road).

The basic ecstasy statistics & treatment -
Those who know about the ecstasy statistics must turn to the best treatment options if they are users of the drug. In many instances you will find that the only way to get past an addiction, and to get over the behavioral patterns which using ecstasy brings about, is to get checked in to a great inpatient center, have the support and staff around you to keep you in line, and have the best support system for once you get out of the treatment facility. In many cases the only way for an addict to get the right help they need, is to get away from all of the places, people, and situations which led them to addiction, and to check in to the best facilities for the help they really need.