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Lortab Overdose

If you are experiencing minor to mild pain, in some cases severe pain, a doctor or physician might prescribe the medication lortab to their patients. Depending on the many allergies one might have, or any issues with taking certain kinds of medication due to health conditions, the drug is going to offer instant pain relief, and will leave the body feeling pain free for an extended period of time, which is typically longer than other pain killers that are non prescription, or which can be sold over the counter to patients who are looking to find something for pain relief. So, for those who are on the medication, there is always the possibility of a lortab overdose, due to the nature of the drug, the fact that it is an opiate based drug (which are highly addictive), and due to the fact that it is alleviating the pain users are feeling, the potential for a lortab overdose is always present. As prescription medication is the number one item for overdosing, those which are of the addictive nature (opiate based), and those which alleviate pain, likely make the worse combinations, and therefore a lortab overdose is not something that is outside the realm of possibility.

Watching and keeping track of dosage -
For those who are on the medication, the only way to ensure you do not have a lortab overdose is to keep track of the dosage, and when you are taking the medication. By keeping track, marking the time you took it, and how much you took, this is the easiest way to ensure a lortab overdose does not occur. If you believe you may have missed a cycle, taking the medication immediately upon realizing the missed dose, should be done; but, if you are closer to the time when the next dose should be taken, in order to avoid the lortab overdose, the user should only take one dose, rather than both of them. It will not completely throw off the cycle, and although you are going to be one pill behind, it is far better than the possibility of a lortab overdose, which can in turn lead to far worse for the individual who does overdose on the drug. But, if you monitor the pills, keep track of when they are taken, and keep note of how much you should be taking, it should be quite simple to avoid a lortab overdose from occurring.

Other medications or alcohol -
When on lortab, users should avoid taking other prescription medications, and other pain killers in general; additionally, they should not be ingesting alcohol, as any of these things might lead to an accidental lortab overdose. Due to the fact that the individual is not fully aware of how the drugs are going to interact (prescription and non prescription, as well as any over the counter medications), some of the items they are ingesting might be more powerful than they are aware of; this will in turn lead to a possibility of a lortab overdose, as well as overdosing on other medications, even if the quantities which are being taken are limited. Additionally, avoiding alcohol while on the medication is the best thing to do in order to ensure you avoid a lortab overdose; when one is drinking, this might limit their ability to think straight, or remember what they have taken, and when they have taken it. This means that if the individual is drunk, or is drowsy due to other medications, there is a high possibility of a lortab overdose, even if it is done so accidentally by the user of the medication.

Another bad combination and mix is that of illegal substances and drugs. Since these street drugs are likely to cloud your mind, mixing them with prescription medication is one of the worse things which can be done. It is extremely possible for a lortab overdose to occur with street drugs, especially when the individual is high, and is not aware of how potent the other drugs they are taking are. Therefore, when you are on these illegal drugs, as well as prescription medication, the potential for a lortab overdose is far more likely to happen, than if you are not using these items, alcohol, or other legal pain killers while on the prescription medication for the pain.

What to do if a lortab overdose occurs -
If you realize a lortab overdose has occurred, or certain symptoms start to turn up, the best thing to do is to contact emergency services right away. Due to the fact that you are not trained in treating a lortab overdose, there is little that can be done by the individual who has overdosed, or anyone other than a trained professional or emergency care provider. So, even if you believe it is not a high quantity, if you do feel a lortab overdose has taken place, the first thing that should be done is to contact emergency services personnel, so that they can take you to the hospital, or come to the home and administer any help and assistance that may be needed by the individual who has overdosed on the prescription pain medication. Due to the fact that fatality is always a possibility with lortab overdose (or any overdose or drugs or alcohol), having the proper personnel lined up to assist you, is something that has to be done to ensure further damage does not occur, and to ensure the individual gets the proper medical attention in a timely manner in the event it is required.

There are several instances when a lortab overdose can occur, whether it is known or not, and whether or not it was accidental. Therefore, knowing the signs, keeping track of use, and making sure you get the assistance you need right away in the event of an overdose, are all things which should be kept in mind, in order to ensure something potentially fatal or extremely dangerous does not occur to the individual who has overdosed on the medication.