• Wallingford, Connecticut Census Data
  • The total number of people in Wallingford is 43,025. Of those, 20,731 are Male (48.18 %) and 22,294 are Female (51.82 %).

    In Wallingford, Connecticut 39.1 is the median age.

    Wallingford, Connecticut population is broken down (as a percentage) by age as follows:

    Under Age of 5: 6.07 %
    Ages 5 to 9: 6.97 %
    Ages 10 to 14: 7.00 %
    Ages 15 to 19: 5.68 %
    Ages 20 to 24: 4.32 %
    Ages 25 to 34: 12.95 %
    Ages 35 to 44: 17.75 %
    Ages 45 to 54: 15.20 %
    Ages 55 to 59: 5.16 %
    Ages 60 to 64: 3.69 %
    Ages 65 to 74: 6.80 %
    Ages 75 to 84: 5.69 %
    Over the age of 85: 2.72 %

    Analysis of Education/Enrollment in Wallingford, Connecticut:
    A total of 10,768 people over the age of three are enrolled in school in Wallingford.
    Of the total enrolled in Wallingford:
    783 children in Wallingford are enrolled in Nursery School.
    654 children are attending Kindergarten in Wallingford.
    4,870 children in Wallingford attend Primary School
    2,349 young people in Wallingford attend Secondary School.
    2,112 people are enrolled in college in Wallingford.
    9,594 people have a High School diploma (or equivalent).
    5,613 people have attended some college (without a degree).
    2,178 people in Wallingford have an Associates Degree.
    5,446 people in Wallingford have a Bachelors Degree.
    3,247 people in Wallingford have a Graduate Degree.

    Wallingford Statistical Data
    Wallingford, Connecticut Total Area covers 39.85 Square Miles.
    Total Water Area is 0.84 Square Miles.
    Total Land Area is 39.01 Square Miles.
    In Wallingford, CT. pop. density is 1,102.82 persons/square mile.
    Wallingford, Connecticut is located in the Eastern (GMT -5) Time Zone.
    The elevation in Wallingford is 10 Ft.

    Economic Data for Wallingford, CT.

    Family Income Data for Wallingford:
    Income per household breakdown is as follows:
    Earning under $10,000 annually: 690
    Earning $10,000.00 to $14,999 annually: 726
    Earning $15,000 to $24,999 annually: 1,678
    Earning $25,000 to $34,999 annually: 1,504
    Earning $35,000 to $49,999 annually: 2,548
    Earning $50,000 to $74,999 annually: 3,765
    Earning $75,000 to $99,999 annually: 2,809
    Earning $100,000 to $149,999 annually: 2,112
    Earning $150,000 to $199,999 annually: 614
    Earning $200,000 or more annually: 298
    $57,308.00 is the Median Annual Income per family in Wallingford.

    Employment Data:
    23,099 are employed in Wallingford, Connecticut.
    644 are unemployed in Wallingford.
    Of those that currently employed in Wallingford:
    12,102 Males are currently employed in Wallingford.
    10,997 Females are currently employed in Wallingford, CT.

Parent Testimonials Video

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse is tragic to the life of any individual in Wallingford, CT. and their loved ones. The first step in overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is realizing that there is a serious issue and that qualified help is necessary to resolve it. Wallingford drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation programs are designed to provide professional assistance and support so that the process of recovery can begin. As challenging as it may be to take action and seek out treatment it is a lot more difficult to continue on the vicious cycle of addiction.

When you are questioning whether you or someone close to you in Wallingford, Connecticut needs to receive professional help for a drug or alcohol abuse problem, one of the first considerations that may possibly come up is the cost of a drug treatment and alcohol rehab facility. The cost factor can be a huge concern for most individuals and lead to the thought "I will just do this through my own willpower and not have to shell out any money." Unfortunately, drug addiction and alcoholism are incredibly complex issues that are characterized by extreme compulsions to acquire and use drugs, it is not merely a matter of possessing willpower. There are issues that will need to be repaired on a physical and emotional level. Professional treatment provided by a drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation program will get you clean and sober and educate you on how to stay sober.

The fact is, in general most people in Wallingford, Connecticut understand the consequences of what it may cost them if they do not receive help from a drug and alcohol rehab program. The price of the consequences drug addiction and alcoholism is immeasurable. Families can be destroyed. Sober friends and associates can be devastated. Work and other career possibilities are lost. Health and wellness problems can grow into substantial medical bills not to mention the criminal justice issues that typically come up in many drug and alcohol addiction circumstances. In all actuality the expense of a drug rehab and alcohol treatment program is mild.

There are several financial options for a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center, more important is to select the correct treatment program for you or your loved one in Wallingford that fits within your financial means.

Modalities of treatment might differ depending on which drug treatment and alcohol rehab program you choose and what variety of addiction treatment strategy the facility offers. Most drug rehab and alcohol treatment facilities can and will incorporate a number of addiction treatment options: drug and alcohol detoxification, inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, day-treatment and holistic rehab.

Wallingford drug treatment and alcohol rehab facilities typically begin the treatment regimen with drug and/or alcohol detoxification. Drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms might range from anxiousness, depression, sleeplessness, joint pains, achy muscles, convulsions or seizures and other withdrawal symptoms depending on the seriousness of the addiction and the type of drug or substance that the individual has been dependent upon and for how long. For this reason, it is important that the detoxification is medically supervised by a state-licensed drug rehab and alcohol treatment center or hospital. Detoxification is achieved through a variety of treatment techniques to minimize the physical dependence of drugs or alcohol which can take from 3 to 10 days.

If you or your loved one in Wallingford has a destructive alcohol or drug addiction issue, an inpatient drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation facility would be the ideal choice typically. Severe alcohol or drug addiction commonly manifests the following behaviors: lying, thieving, withdrawal from friends and family, troubles at work or no employment at all, mood swings etc. These irrational behaviors are commonly present in the case of a severe drug addiction or alcoholism problem. When there is a serious addiction present it can incredibly challenging if not impossible to stop without having the support and assistance from a professional inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers.

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are accessible for people with moderate drug or alcohol abuse problems. An outpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility is a suitable choice for those individuals who have recently begun abusing drugs or alcohol and they have not yet formed a dependence upon the substance yet their alcohol or drug use is starting to be a dilemma that they do need help with before it does get out of control. Outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers have very limited supervision as opposed to an inpatient or residential program, which normally takes place under 24-hour supervision. It is vital that drug testing is provided in an outpatient program as a deterrent to the person using drugs or alcohol while participating with outpatient drug or alcohol treatment.

When you have determined that a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is needed for you or a loved one in Wallingford, CT., the next decision is where? There are many drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation centers throughout the nation with many different treatment options. Finding the correct drug treatment and alcohol rehab facility for you or your loved one requires first knowing what is available. If you have made the conclusion that you need help but are confused about what you need or where to go, dial our toll free number and a Registered Addiction Specialist will assist you in finding what you are searching for.

If you are ready to get treatment help for yourself or a loved one in Wallingford, CT. and do not want the assistance of a Counselor, we have provided the listings below in Wallingford, Connecticut of Local and/or Nearby drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Here are the local and nearby listings for Wallingford, Connecticut:
  • Aware Recovery Care (3.4 miles from Wallingford)
    Aware Recovery Care is an alcohol and drug treatment facility that is located at 556 Washington Avenue North Haven, CT. 6473.
    Aware Recovery Care can be contacted by calling 203-779-5799.
    Treatment Services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs, Detox, Lesbian and Gay Services, Females, Males
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Self Payment
  • Rushford at Stonegate (4.8 miles from Wallingford)
    Rushford at Stonegate is a drug and alcohol rehab that is located at 459 Wallingford Road Durham, CT. 6422.
    Rushford at Stonegate can be contacted by calling 877-577-3233.
    Treatment Services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs, Residential Short-Term Treatment, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Services for Teens, Lesbian and Gay Services
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Self Payment
  • North Haven Community Services (5.9 miles from Wallingford, CT.)
    North Haven Community Services is a drug and alcohol rehab facility that is located at 5 Linsley Street North Haven, CT. 6473.
    North Haven Community Services can be contacted by calling 203-239-5321 x500.
    Treatment Services:
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Military Insurance, Self Payment
  • Childrens Center of Hamden (9.5 miles from Wallingford, Connecticut)
    Childrens Center of Hamden is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that is located at 1400 Whitney Avenue Hamden, CT. 6517.
    Childrens Center of Hamden can be contacted by calling 203-248-2116 x202.
    Treatment Services:
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Self Payment
  • Connection House (10.2 miles from Wallingford, CT.)
    Connection House is an alcohol and drug rehab center that is located at 167 Liberty Street Middletown, CT. 6457.
    Connection House can be contacted by calling 860-343-5512.
    Treatment Services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Lesbian and Gay Services, Males, Spanish Speaking Clients
    Payment Options: Payment Assistance

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  • There are a number of different options in Wallingford for people in need of drug or alcohol treatment. An outpatient drug rehab program in Wallingford is one of these options, which is delivered on a basis whereby theindividual is free to come and go from the facility while receiving treatment. There are drug-free outpatient rehab facilities, maintenance programs for opiate addiction (methadone, etc.), and outpatient rehab programs which provide group therapy....

  • While drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Wallingford provide relief from the daily distractions of the outside world so that individuals can focus on treatment. A drug and alcohol treatment center is not a resort or hotel. Time spent at a drug treatment facility in Wallingford is meant to be as productive as possible doing the important steps needed to overcome addiction. This takes intense focus and commitment not only for the treatment staff but the individual himself, who will want to use every moment in treatment wisely and effectively to get better....

  • When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can take weeks and even months to repair the damage done. It can take as long as a month just to get over the physical side effects, withdrawal symptoms and intense drug cravings that addicted people encounter once they stop using drugs. It can then take even longer to really overcome addiction, which requires intensive counseling, therapy and the use of other treatment tools to attain long-term sobriety....

  • More often than one would think, people who are experiencing drug addiction commonly have a co-occurring disorder with alcohol. Actually, this is so much the case that drug and alcohol treatment programs which specifically treat co-occurring drug and alcohol addictions are becoming more and more widespread....

  • Like any other individual in society, members of the military in Wallingford can get stuck in a life of addiction to drugs or alcohol and can find themselves in need of help. In 1996 an Act was passed by Congress which made drug and alcohol treatment services available to all enrolled veterans in Wallingford. Combat veterans returning from active military service may also be eligible for these types of services. Apart from private drug or alcohol rehab centers which are available to veterans and combat veterans through this Act in Wallingford, the military has drug and alcohol rehab programs available for active duty members to participate in as needed....

  • NA meetings in Wallingford:
  • United Church of Christ (NA Meeting)
    106 South Cherry Street
    Wallingford, CT. 06492

    Sunday - 7:30 PM