Texas LoneStar Victory Ranch

Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch rests in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley about thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by lush farmland, this center offers the peace and quiet so conducive to the recovery journey. Resting on 17 beautiful acres of land, the Center provides a sanctuary from the hectic and often dangerous environment found in the substance abuse culture.

Our long term treatment program, as further described in this guide, provides complete physical, mental and emotional recovery from substance abuse, which is one of the most difficult, and ultimately most rewarding, endeavors that one will accomplish in life. Therefore, we understand the importance in having a center that provides those components necessary to complete this process, while also ensuring our clients have a distraction free, comfortable environment.

Walks or jogs around the lovely fountain & pond or fishing in the little river that borders the property, provides a tranquil change of environment for our clients. Other recreational and physical fitness opportunities are available too, such as volleyball, basketball, swimming, and fitness workouts. Also, our outdoor picnic area, amid the beautiful mature trees and flowers, offer a relaxing place for breaks & socializing.

Although, it is beneficial to have all of these activities available after the regular program schedule, our cognitive behavioral modification program takes up the majority of each of our client's time and focus, as well as the time and focus of our dedicated staff. For this reason, our program staff is always available to ensure that each of our clients is progressing well through each stage of our program and in the many other areas of their lives.

17697 ABD Road Harlingen TX, 78552

Photos of Texas LoneStar Victory Ranch