Fort Collins New Life Center

Fort Collins New Life Center is located near Colorado State University just east of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, offering an accommodating yet secure residential environment for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The residential neighborhood location, building layout and security policies provide a safe sanctuary from the temptations and restimulative environments that have previously influenced our clients' addictive behaviors.

Our long term treatment program provides complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from substance abuse, which is usually one of the most difficult, and ultimately most rewarding, endeavors that our clients will accomplish in life. Therefore, we understand that it is very important to have facilities that provide everything necessary to complete this process, while also ensuring our clients are safe, comfortable and are provided with enjoyable recreational and fitness opportunities.

The park-like grounds, fresh air and mountain views of this modern residential facility provide a healthy change of environment for our clients, while the facility itself includes the necessary spaces and amenities needed to deliver the program, while providing an enjoyable stay during their time with us.

Similar to a small educational campus, there are both inside and outside recreational areas to accommodate various changes of seasons. There are TV rooms, fitness areas, billiards and ping pong available inside as well as horse shoes, volleyball, football and basketball outside, and there are also several areas both inside and outside to take breaks, lounge and play cards or games, which are all available after regular program hours.

Although, there are many activities available outside of the regular program schedule, our actual cognitive behavioral modification program takes up the majority of each of our clients time and focus, as well as the time and focus of our dedicated staff. For this reason, our program staff is always available to ensure that each of our clients is progressing well through each stage of our program and in the many other areas of their lives.

1225 Redwood Street Fort Collins, CO 80524

Photos of Fort Collins New Life Center