• Corbin, Kentucky Census Data
  • The total number of people in Corbin is 27,153. Of those, 12,796 are Male (47.13 %) and 14,357 are Female (52.87 %).

    In Corbin, Kentucky 37.1 is the median age.

    Corbin, Kentucky population is broken down (as a percentage) by age as follows:

    Under Age of 5: 7.04 %
    Ages 5 to 9: 6.82 %
    Ages 10 to 14: 7.05 %
    Ages 15 to 19: 6.79 %
    Ages 20 to 24: 6.07 %
    Ages 25 to 34: 13.18 %
    Ages 35 to 44: 14.41 %
    Ages 45 to 54: 13.71 %
    Ages 55 to 59: 5.74 %
    Ages 60 to 64: 4.79 %
    Ages 65 to 74: 7.57 %
    Ages 75 to 84: 4.82 %
    Over the age of 85: 2.00 %

    Analysis of Education/Enrollment in Corbin, Kentucky:
    A total of 5,960 people over the age of three are enrolled in school in Corbin.
    Of the total enrolled in Corbin:
    328 children in Corbin are enrolled in Nursery School.
    356 children are attending Kindergarten in Corbin.
    3,001 children in Corbin attend Primary School
    1,517 young people in Corbin attend Secondary School.
    758 people are enrolled in college in Corbin.
    5,998 people have a High School diploma (or equivalent).
    2,932 people have attended some college (without a degree).
    662 people in Corbin have an Associates Degree.
    1,315 people in Corbin have a Bachelors Degree.
    1,057 people in Corbin have a Graduate Degree.

    Corbin Statistical Data
    Corbin, Kentucky Total Area covers 130.38 Square Miles.
    Total Water Area is 0.64 Square Miles.
    Total Land Area is 129.74 Square Miles.
    In Corbin, KY. pop. density is 209.29 persons/square mile.
    Corbin, Kentucky is located in the Eastern (GMT -5) Time Zone.
    The elevation in Corbin is 951 Ft.

    Economic Data for Corbin, KY.

    Family Income Data for Corbin:
    Income per household breakdown is as follows:
    Earning under $10,000 annually: 2,207
    Earning $10,000.00 to $14,999 annually: 1,274
    Earning $15,000 to $24,999 annually: 1,874
    Earning $25,000 to $34,999 annually: 1,510
    Earning $35,000 to $49,999 annually: 1,502
    Earning $50,000 to $74,999 annually: 1,405
    Earning $75,000 to $99,999 annually: 491
    Earning $100,000 to $149,999 annually: 266
    Earning $150,000 to $199,999 annually: 120
    Earning $200,000 or more annually: 108
    $25,137.00 is the Median Annual Income per family in Corbin.

    Employment Data:
    11,051 are employed in Corbin, Kentucky.
    748 are unemployed in Corbin.
    Of those that currently employed in Corbin:
    5,734 Males are currently employed in Corbin.
    5,317 Females are currently employed in Corbin, KY.

Parent Testimonials Video

Commonly one of the biggest considerations of a person in Corbin, Kentucky with a substance abuse problem in search of the services of a drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation center for help with their addiction is location. The initial thing that comes to mind for most people is a drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation program nearby to home, usually either in Corbin, KY. or a couple hours drive from there. While this might take into consideration convenience, it does not necessarily mean that it is the most ideal treatment option for you or a loved one with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation centers in close proximity to Corbin can make it far too easy to stay in touch with drug abusing acquaintances and other familiar conditions that can set off a drug or alcohol relapse. Also, it makes it very easy to abruptly leave the drug and alcohol rehab program when things can seem difficult in the early phase of the recovery process, it can and typically does get a little difficult, this is normal until the particular person gets adjusted to a day-to-day regimen without the use of a drug or alcohol. If you are in Corbin, Kentucky near the friends and locations that you abused drugs or alcohol with, when the going gets tough you know precisely who you can call that will come and pick you up and bring you out for a drink or a fix. When you or someone you care about goes to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that is a significant distance away from home, the familiar triggers for a drug or alcohol relapse are not there. Handling relapse triggers is a very important component to the successful treatment of drug or alcohol addiction.

Attending a drug treatment and alcohol rehab facility will offer a safe environment usually including 24 hour supervision and expert treatment so you can commence the healing process of recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism. Tapering off drug or alcohol use can help considerably to reduce withdrawal symptoms, but for many people, specifically those that use highly addictive drugs for an extended duration of time, it simply may not be achievable to do that. The drug addiction or alcoholism may have progressed too far and the compulsion to use a drug or alcohol has grown to be too powerful. In such circumstances, a drug or alcohol detoxification facility is the most effective route to getting through the withdrawal process. Most drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation facilities offer a medically supervised detox to minimize withdrawal symptoms that are caused by the sudden discontinuation of addictive drugs or alcohol so that the often uncomfortable withdrawal process can be made more pleasant for the individual. Stopping the use of addictive drugs and alcohol utilizing the cold turkey approach is not encouraged due to the fact it can sometimes cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures and convulsions.

Why should you go to a drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation center? If you have attempted several times and you have not been able to quit by yourself and go back to a normal drug-free life, it is likely that you need the quality help that you can acquire at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. If you haven't quit on your own by now, it's most likely you won't. Alcoholism and drug addiction is not as easy in many cases as just stopping – you have most likely paused drug or alcohol use for minutes, hours and days just to merely revert back to the same old habits and routines. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is not just about getting clean and sober. A more vital part of a drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation facility is to teach you how to continue to stay clean and sober and how to attain a happy productive lifestyle.

If you or someone you care about in Corbin, Kentucky is contemplating enrollment into a drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation facility it is likely that it is needed. Most people in Corbin, KY. with an alcoholism or drug addiction problem, whether they say that they need the help of a drug rehab and alcohol treatment program or not, they notice that they are in serious trouble and need help but they are just fearful of not being ready to solve their problems the only way they know how, with drugs and alcohol. When an individual can't quit drugs or alcohol even when they have made promises to themselves and loved ones that they will quit nevertheless they continue to abuse drugs or alcohol regardless of the broken promises and negative consequences, it is time to find the proper drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation facility for that particular person so that they will one day be able to keep their promise. Some of the indicators of drug and alcohol addiction include inadequate school or employment attendance and performance, unhealthy hygiene and appearance, changes in eating habits, changes in sleep pattern, shying away from close friends, neglecting responsibilities, money troubles, deteriorating family relations, withdrawal symptoms when the drug or alcohol is not obtainable, cravings and the desire to acquire the drug or alcohol at any cost including but not limited to lying and stealing to get it. If any of these addiction indicators are apparent in yourself or a loved one, it is very probable that you have an addiction issue and would benefit tremendously from the effective services of a drug and alcohol rehab facility to recover from it.

If you or someone you care about in Corbin have a drug addiction or alcoholism problem and require the advice of a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) to determine what you should do, dial our toll free number 1-877-565-0123. All counseling services are free of charge and completely confidential.

If you do not feel that you need to have the help from a Registered Addiction Specialist, for your convenience we have supplied a list in Corbin, Kentucky of Local and Nearby drug treatment and alcohol rehab facilities.

Here are the local and nearby listings for Corbin, Kentucky:
  • Cumberland River Comp Care Center
    Cumberland River Comp Care Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that is located at 610 American Greeting Road Corbin, KY. 40701.
    Cumberland River Comp Care Center can be contacted by calling (606) 526-9552.
    Treatment Services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs, Detox, Residential Short-Term Treatment, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Males
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Military Insurance, Self Payment, Payment Assistance
  • Baptist Regional Medical Center
    Baptist Regional Medical Center is a drug and alcohol rehab facility that is located at 1 Trillium Way Corbin, KY. 40701.
    Baptist Regional Medical Center can be contacted by calling (606) 528-1212.
    Treatment Services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs, Services for Teens
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Self Payment
  • Corbin Professional Associates
    Corbin Professional Associates is a drug and alcohol treatment program that is located at 967 U.S. Highway 25 West Corbin, KY. 40701.
    Corbin Professional Associates can be contacted by calling (606) 526-9348.
    Treatment Services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs
    Payment Options: Self Payment
  • L and N Counseling (13.3 miles from Corbin)
    L and N Counseling is an alcohol and drug rehab that is located at 686 South Highway 25 West Williamsburg, KY. 40769.
    L and N Counseling can be contacted by calling (606) 521-5009.
    Treatment Services: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs, DUI/DWI Clients
    Payment Options: Self Payment, Payment Assistance
  • Cumberland River Comp Care Center (13.5 miles from Corbin, Kentucky)
    Cumberland River Comp Care Center is an alcohol and drug rehab facility that is located at 704 Pitzer Street Barbourville, KY. 40906.
    Cumberland River Comp Care Center can be contacted by calling (606) 546-3104.
    Treatment Services: Services for Teens
    Payment Options: Private Pay Insurance, Military Insurance, Self Payment, Payment Assistance

Additional Articles About Drug Addiction and Treatment in Corbin, Kentucky

  • The cost of a drug rehab facility in Corbin can vary greatly depending on what type of treatment is offered and the duration of stay. Residential and inpatient drug rehabilitation facilities typically cost anywhere from as little as $4,000 to as much as $25,000 or higher, depending on the type of setting the treatment is taking place in and how long the individual will be required to stay....

  • Being capable if living a sober life is priceless. However, the reality is that drug and alcohol rehab programs in Corbin must charge a fee to keep their doors open so that they are able to continue delivering effective treatment. If a person and their loved ones truly want to overcome the tragedy of addiction and get an addicted individual started in recovery, cost is an aspect that can be easily overcome. The costs of a Corbin drug or alcohol treatment facility differ considerably depending on a variety of different variables, such as location and the type of treatment that is required. Different types of drug rehabilitation programs in Corbin offer different treatment methods and lengths of stay, all aspects which effect cost....

  • It can be difficult to confront the fact that one needs help with drug or alcohol addiction, leave everything behind, and check into a Corbin drug rehab facility. One of the most difficult aspects of treatment is the fact that an individual must fully dedicate themselves to their recovery, without any distractions and negative influences. Friends and family may often be supportive and helpful at certain points in one's recovery, but can also be triggers for relapse. This is why drug rehab centers in Corbin often assess the individuals progress while in recovery to establish when it is a good time to have family visit the individual while in treatment....

  • Because there are various types of drug treatment centers offered in Corbin, individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often need help deciding which treatment option is most appropriate for them. Drug rehabilitation programs in Corbin therefore provide evaluations which are carried out by qualified substance abuse counselors which can help to establish the appropriate level of treatment necessary so that theperson can receive the best results possible....

  • If a drug or alcohol addicted individual is fortunate enough to have health insurance, most insurance companies provide some type of coverage for rehabilitation at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility in Corbin. Insurance based drug rehabilitation programs in Corbin have individuals who work with the addicted individual's insurance company to get all of the paperwork completed and get the individual started in rehab right away....

  • NA meetings in Corbin:
  • Old Recreation Center (NA Meeting)
    209 Barbourville Street
    Corbin 40701

    Monday - 6:30 PM
    Thursday - 6:30 PM
    Tuesday - 6:30 PM
    Wednesday - 6:30 PM
  • Old Recreational Center (NA Meeting)
    509 Barbourville Street
    Corbin 40701

    Saturday - 2:00 PM
    Sunday - 8:00 PM
    Thursday - 6:30 PM